How to detect an Elaborate Job Vacancy Scam In Nigeria

There are tons of job vacancy scam today in Nigeria. But who is to blame, so many graduates are seeking employment and the evil ones are banking and cashing on this desperation.
There are a lot of job vacancies today and it is really important you differentiate the legit ones from the pure scam job adverts. The importance is so you do not fall a victim.
A vacancy job scam occurs when a scammer pose as a recruiter and swindles unsuspecting job seekers by presenting mouth watery salaries and benefits to them, but in most cases requiring them to pay some amount of money as upfront for the service rendered.
There have been news of people responding to job vacancy adverts and they got robbed others were kidnapped and there have been incidents of others getting killed.
We live in a testing and volatile zone and to be aware of the machinery of the evil ones is highly important to your general well-being and survival.

How to detect job vacancy scam In Nigeria

How to detect job vacancy scam In Nigeria

There are some elements you should look out for in a job vacancy advert before replying. It does not matter where you saw it, be it in the dailies, newspaper or on the internet. The fact that it appears on a major daily does not really make it legit.

How to detect an Elaborate Job Vacancy Scam In Nigeria

  1. The email address are hosted don public domain like Gmail and yahoo mail. A serious company should have a a self-hosted email address on their website. The email should be secured like this ones,

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  1. They usually don’t have a physical and definite office in case you want to verify if they exist truly.

Most of this job scams companies are only trying to lure you in with your interests.
They are criminal elements and some are robbers and kidnapper, so you see why you should be sincerely careful.

  1. They tell you to pay for test, seriously who does that. You are not to pay for any test at any time, they are the ones seeking your service and thus should be able to cater for all logistics concerning you.
  1. They mostly send unsolicited messages to your mobile phone and email address that you have been shortlisted for some phantom job you did not even apply for.

Be careful of such messages as they are mostly baits to people with ulterior motive.


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  1. They tell you to scan your certificates and send to them.

Beware, when applying for jobs, your CV alone is all they need, you are only to present your credentials in physical and original copy only when you get shortlisted for the interview.
Do not send your certificates to anyone, they may use them in perpetrating crimes like forgery and you will be held accountable.

How to detect an Elaborate Job Vacancy Scam In Nigeria

How to detect an Elaborate Job Vacancy Scam In Nigeria

  1. If you do a background check on the company, you will notice many negative reviews about them

Most times, they don’t have any information or if they do, it will be limited and obscure with nothing of importance and value.

  1. They have very fake and unsecured websites as there information page. The will ask you for credit cards details and other personal information, be careful as they engage in identity theft.
  1. Their salary scales are mostly out of this world, salaries that does not tally with the job in question is what they present to offer to you.

Any company that offers you salary that is beyond your experience and educational level is bracing up to scam you, take note!
CONCLUSION How to detect an Elaborate Job Vacancy Scam In Nigeria
To be forewarned is to be fore armed, you don’t want to fall victim to this unscrupulous elements as it will not spell well for your future job search.

So tell us about your job scam experience in the comment box!

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