How to get a Job that was not advertised in your choice organization or firm

The success rate of getting an advertised job is on the average and at best, on an all-time low.
It is no one’s fault, it is just the system that is to be blamed. Advertising alone pools in a thousands of interested applicants and this limits the success rate of each individual that enters into the exercise.
Getting an advertised job this days is more like a lottery, where a lot of people enter but just a few emerge as eventual winners.
It is true that there will always be rejected applications and those that will not even get a response and honestly, this can diminish or even kill your overall morale.
To succeed in job hunting, you have to be different and do something entirely different too, and this is by taking charge of your job search campaign by yourself.

How to get a Job that was not advertised in your choice organization or firm

You definitely will be applying for lots and lots of advertised jobs, but you have to follow this process/technique as well.
It is very effective on its own right and it will definitely increase your success rate more than the advertised jobs.

How to get a Job that was not advertised in your choice organization or firm

How to get a Job that was not advertised in your choice organization or firm


You need to know yourself and realize first that different jobs will suit different individuals only.
Doing this will also make you understand and know better which job will be your best-fit.
You can take feedback from friends and family about your personality, try to see yourself from a larger perspective than the job and the skill-set you think you possess.
The situations and challenges that you are good at is a great pointer to discovering you real talents and skills.


It is not anymore about certificates, recruiter now want a lot from potential employees. They need those with characteristics and potentials that cannot be represented by mere educational qualifications and certifications.
They need those with meaningful qualities like creativity, determination, self-reliance, independence, passion, compassion, curiosity, self-belief, integrity, vision, innovation, ethics etc.
They want those with awareness of the world around them in health, lifestyle, fitness, entertainment, technology, nature, society and cultural diversity.


Make a list of job and employers that will be the best fit on what you can do, what you love and where you see yourself in the nearest future.
After doing that, you need to get proactive, go out there and find openings that fit your strength but are unadvertised, you can only know this by knocking on their front door.


Use your CV/Resume and cover letter to package and market yourself to the fullest.
Meet at least 20 of the right sort of employers that you think will want you and the abilities that you possess, those that are in dire need of someone like you.
Target the business manager or the “BOSS”, it does not matter if you get referred back to the Human resource desk, by then you must have made your mark already.
They will recognize your strength and the motive of your letter and respect you the more for the creative approach that you took.
Present yourself well in your cover letter in terms of what you can do for the organization.
You have to describe yourself as the ideal employee and in a very appealing and pleasing manner, try to be strategic and organized.
You also need to vary the content of each of your cover letter and CV/Resume, so that the approach and impact is tailored specifically for all the various employers.


You have to be highly determined, you have to keep searching for firms and companies and you have to keep sending them your cover letters and CV.
Try to keep notes, this will increase your knowledge of the job market and add to your experience and expertise.
Follow up by phone calls after submission, be positive.
You also have to keep refining potential employers list, you need to keep upgrading your CV and cover letter till you get the perfect combination.
Try to keep the fire burning and make it a point to at least send up to 5 letters in a week and keep pitching yourself till you get that invite.


By being proactive, you have just created the interview opportunity for yourself, and the interview will more or less look like a meeting and the whole process will be even simpler.
You will be seen as a great fit, because you have proven that you can get things done, you have avoided the competition and most importantly, you have saved them the troubles and costs of entering into the recruitment exercise.
So tell me why you will not be HIRED!

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