How to Make Money Online In Nigeria and Anywhere Else

There seem to be a shortage of job on a general wide scale, but that has in no way hindered or impeded the rate at which people frequent the internet with their various devices.
All sort of questions are been asked, but one which appears the most on all search engine is
There is a high probability that you also have search out that question and in a very concise manner, I shall be shedding light on this topic today.
The truth is that making money online is one dream everyone is having but the proper answer has never been offered and so, only a few individual have been able to actualize this big and complex goal of earning a legal and steady income online.
Cheats and scammers have cashed in on this vulnerability of seeking answers and they offer half-baked tutorials for sale on how to make money online.
So many paid-programs offering short-lived solutions by trying to unravel this mystery, they have only made it even more mysterious for the newbie, frustratingly confusing and terribly impossible for the general populace.
Another fact is that you must have joined so much online program and schemes with the hope of making a decent income and profit, I know this because, I have invested so much in books and tutorials offered online especially when the idea to make money online first hit me.
The truth is that joining a referrer program or one of those rip off schemes where you will be promoting another man business and website for peanuts {some do not even pay out} will only amount to a total waste of time.
That is not the way ahead, but instead it will only deepen the hole in your pocket while leaving you dejected, empty and even more frustrated than before.
The more reason why you need to put your head together and look towards the brighter side, I am here to help.


First you need a mentor, he or she does not have to know you and you do not need to meet the person physically, you can just be an ardent follower on any social network or a regular and active member of a very resourceful website like COLLEGEREAP.
Without much ado, let us delve deep into the throes of the online world where there is money to be made abundantly and excessively only if you know what you are doing, are ready so offer genuine service and maximum value to your clients.
Making money online involves building a business which is tantamount to looking out to a problem and offering genuine solution to it.
It is very simple and you can succeed well only if you can be passionate about and dedicated to it.
In short, it is better and much cheaper to invest your time and resource in creating value that guarantees wealth than to keep pursuing some useless online programs and still have nothing to show for it.

Avenues to Creating Value Online and Making easy Money

You must have heard and read testimonials about individuals making four to six figures online, right? Well it is very possible, it all rest on your originality, intelligence, hard work, persistence and trustworthiness.
Here are some avenues to wealth online

Create a value Product

There are thousands and millions of persons ready to give anything for a valuable product.
When I say products, I don’t mean massively manufactured goods like cars and gadgets but things you can wrap your hands around in a few minutes like an information guide offered as an e-book, you are getting my drift now right?
Value products include-

Write an eBook

There must have been a time you bought an eBook online because it contained information about a particular topic or subject that you have little or no idea about.
Why not write one too and offer it as a product, go on research, there are so many topics to write on and still you will still get the necessary market and reception you want because there is always a person out there ready for your product.
Research a problem, and if there is a high knowledge gap, write an eBook proffering truthful, correct and well detailed information, put it up for sale and promote it continually, to keep making sales and raking In your money, it is as easy as that.
There is competition so dare to be different by offering practical solutions with a very rare level of uniqueness.

Start a website

Sites like,,, and the list continue started small.
You too can set up a Forum, Dating site, and Social Networking site, attach much value to it and with the appropriate amount of publicity, you just might hit gold mine.
They are a very great media to offering advertisement on pay per click basis and you can offer your services here too.
Set up a membership site today, continue your work on it and do not be surprised when your efforts pay off and all your invested efforts and revenue will come back as wealth

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria and Anywhere Else Here and Now

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria and Anywhere Else Here and Now


This really has more to do than just putting up a WordPress or blogger site, the value here is in the originality of your content.
If you cannot write, then you have no business here talk less of trying to make a living through blogging.
Ability to write original content will put you top of the game and Google will rank you high on the search index, thus creating more revenue for you through advert or any other monetization strategy you wish to employ.
Sound easy right? Well it is not, because your quality articles should be coming on a regular basis (daily if possible) or you might just be blown off the map.
If you cannot meet the basic requirements of consistency and originality, do something else and stop plagiarism by copying contents from other blogs and website.

Software / Apps development

Are you skilled in software and application development for the different operating systems there is, from apple, android, windows, java to even Linux, then you have an entire world waiting on you to develop something useful for them.
You might have to develop a computer game or a very educational application, whichever, you might be saving a lot of individuals and they will pay just to have your application.
Check Google play store and check out those apps for sale, they are generating income to the developer who owns and created them, so get to work.

Offer Services

Someone out there will be fuming already at the technicalities involved in creating a product or brand, but I put it to you that offering services is way more easier to do.

Article Writing

Do you have the rare writing skills out there? Are you blessed with the ability to string words in an artful manner and send a proper message in a clear and concise manner, then this is your opening.
You can actually write articles and earn a steady income, there are lots of freelancing sites out there that will pay you for a well written article or you can even source for clients.
Right here on collegereap, we are also looking for intelligent and original writers, so you see that this is already an opening for you.

Web Designing

Everybody wants a website, and millions of them are popping up readily on a daily basis, that signifies just one simple truth that this is a ready market waiting to be explored by all and sundry.
You can earn money depending on the functionality of the website you will be designing.

Graphic Designing

Graphics designers are also making it big. They almost outsource the web designers because they seem to be in higher demand.
A simple logo design job can fetch you a meaningful sum of money, now think about a major design job

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