How to Start Your Own Internet Forum and Monetizing It for Wealth

Have you ever thought it will be possible to starting your own internet forum or have you ever dreamt of owning and starting your own internet forum, where people from all walks of life can come online and start a discussion while building a huge follower ship?
Do you intend in starting your own internet forum so people can actually have a niche based discussion and find solutions to varying problems that bothers them.
Well, today our point of focus will be on starting your own internet forum and possibly with the right amount of hard work and dedication, you can actually start earning money from it.
Starting your own internet forum is really not a walk in the park as it actually requires some effort on your part.
You must have come across internet forums like,, warriors forum, digital forum and even the black hat forum, and you really marvel at the amount of people they attract, well I tell you now that it all still boils down to hard work and consistency on the part of the forum owner or creator.
Starting your own internet forum should not actually be hard and in this article I will try to touch down on its major points and areas and also shed light on some secrets that must have been hidden from you by the so called internet gurus.

Below are initial steps to Starting Your Own Internet Forum and Monetizing It for Wealth

  1. Decide on your Niche

Seriously this is the first aspect you should look into before thinking of starting your own internet forum, just like in blogging too, there should be a discussion theme or boundary and this will make your forum stand out and also it will attract specialized and targeted visitors because it has a direction.
Choosing it a niche will actually help you decide on which community you wish to serve better and if you take a look at the aforementioned forums, you will understand what I mean, by saying that you should choose a niche because it is really important.
I am not saying a generalized forum will not do better.
The truth still remains that the easiest way to build a successful forum is to focus on a niche. This way, you know your community is made up of people of similar interest which is easier to monetize than a general forum.
Make sure you choose a niche you are familiar with.
Your chosen niche could be fashion, relationship, technology, and general life experience… just anything that you are very comfortable with, for it will be crucial in your quest to starting your own internet forum.

  1. Decide on Which Forum Script to Use

Just like WordPress and blogger is to blogging, there are some selected platforms and script coded and designed exclusively for forums, and you definitely have to give them a look before thinking of starting your own forum.
There are paid platforms {Vbulletin, IPB, XenForo} and free platforms {SMF, PHPBB3, MyBB, etc.} you can do a search for more and you will be surprised at the various scripts at your disposal.

Starting Your Own Internet Forum and Monetizing It for Wealth

Starting Your Own Internet Forum and Monetizing It for Wealth

I prefer XenForo in the paid category because it offers so much flexibility, but most major forums and boards make use of Vbulletin, but also the free scripts like PHPBB3 and SMF also possess much functions that any day.
You can use them ahead of the paid scripts and never be in any regrets, just leave there copyright at the footer intact, as it will be beneficial in getting response from there community after starting your own internet forum and it continued existence.
At the end of the day, it will still boil down to the script you prefer as there are many options or the one your webmaster recommends to use in starting your own internet forum.

For my special recommendation, you can contact me.

  1. Register a Domain and get a reliable hosting

This is really crucial in starting your own internet forum, and I refer to this stage as the naming ceremony. To say the truth, your forum will be useless without a name {domain} and a house {hosting}.
It will be so wonderful if your forum domain is actually a clear description of your chosen niche, i.e., if it is about weight loss, it should be something like, that is just an illustration but I hope you understand what I meant.
This should be a note of warning, please do not register you domain with the same company, because a time will come when you want to move and they will obstruct you intentionally. I might work for you but it did not for me, but the final decision is yours to make.
There are tons of hosting companies around and it is imperative to look out for those that are very popular and have a name to protect.
Some questions you should ask the customer care is if they support PHP5 and how much space and bandwidth will be offered, because unlike blogs and ordinary websites, a forum actually requires more space and bandwidth to function properly due to the complex nature of PHP.
Also, ask about their database disk size and try to enquire if they have softaculous as this is really paramount in starting your own internet forum.

  1. Download and Upload your script.

If you are sticking with the free scripts like SMF, PHPBB3 or MyBB, then go to their web address and download the free script in zip format.
This is the script you will upload to the home of your hosting company in the private cpanel that you will have access to or alternatively, you can do a one click installation using softaculous also from the cpanel.
And if your resolve is to use the licensed or paid script, then you have to pay before they will give you access to download them.
Your Host can also help you with your installation process, but you might have to wait for a while depending on how responsive there customer care unit is.
If it seems like too much to do or you don’t understand, you can hire our web designers by contacting me to help in starting your own internet forum easily, and everything will be set up and running for you in no time for just a token or you can contact another web developer to help you out, whichever, you will be in business in no time.

  1. Understanding the workings of the board

As soon as you are done with the above steps in starting your own internet forum, the next phase is to acquaint yourself with the working of the board by logging into your administrator panel and getting a full grasp of the working both in the frontend and backend.
After that, you have to get people to register by advertising and broadcasting, and we will be treating the steps you need to make your own internet forum a force in our subsequent articles.
If you want a forum site at a very cheap amount, you can contact us to set the ground running for you, we are ready to help for just a token, just CONTACT US NOW!

Drop your questions below relating to starting your own internet forum and let’s take it further. We hope to add more resources during commenting.


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