How to write a standard CV in Nigeria that gets you an interview in 2017

I heard someone talking the other with despair and panic written all over his face, he claimed he has submitted his CV to more than 15 firms and yet he is yet to get a single invite.
It was obvious that either something was wrong with him or his CV is utter crap, end of discussion.

How to write a standard CV/Resume in Nigeria that get s you an interview in 2017

How to write a standard CV/Resume in Nigeria that get s you an interview in 2017

Are you facing same obstacle or are you yet to start submitting you CV, then it is only fair to tell you to rewrite that CV to the one that will get you an interview.
Your CV does your introduction and talking in your absence, so don’t you think it better to send the best representative to stand for you.
For the sake of this article, i will be using CV and RESUME interchangeably, but they mean almost the same, it is just an issue of convenience.

How to write a standard CV/Resume in Nigeria that gets you an interview in 2017

The CV formats we will be using is the one called FOCUS CV FORMAT. This format tends to lay much emphasis on your strength and blocks your weaknesses off.
Here we start with your objective and skills, you will notice your academic and formal education information comes almost at the tail end.
We are trying to get attention on what we can do and not be streamline by our course of study.
How to write a standard CV/Resume in Nigeria that get s you an interview in 2017
Another reason why it is good, is because most times you may have forgotten some details but you will remember them here.
Include the following in your CV/RESUME (generally in this order).

  • Your name, address and telephone number(s) labelled properly if you have more than one number
  • Your email address(s) and it should be reliable for contacting you
  • Your job objectives
  • A summary of your experience, knowledge and skills
  • Your experience/work history that cites organization, job title and locations, with appropriate date (You should try and describe tasks carried out but emphasize on your achievements and accomplishments.
  • Your formal education and professional training
  • Other potentially relevant information such as certifications, awards, publications foreign language proficiency, professional affiliations etc.
  • Referee if you have any.


There are basic rules you must follow to ensure that your CV is really worth the read.
There is no point tendering your CV if you do not have the intention to be called for the interview.
This is a no brainer, you need to limit the CV to two pages because the human resource department are going through thousands of CV.
You want yours to stand out and also very easy to glance through. Your CV can exceed two pages only if you are not a fresh graduate as you have gathered experience that you can fill in to increase your chance for an interview.
A CV that is more than two pages can be viewed as a sign of disorganization and laxity on your part for not been able to put things in the right order, and do away with unwanted information.
You really need to increase the readability of your CV by applying appropriate white spaces and using good fonts.
Don’t bore a potential employer with disorganized and bulky CV because you did not do the proper formatting.
–Be Honest in your CV/RESUME, present yourself accurately but focus on the positives.
–Remember that anything you put in the CV/RESUME may become a topic for discussion during interview, so state things you can easily defend or debunk.
How to write a standard CV in Nigeria that gets you an interview in 2017

  • Do not include personal information such as:
  • Your children Age
  • Your problem finding a job
  • Hard luck stories
  • How difficult your life is
  • Your religion (no one cares and it may hinder you).
  • Don’t include details about your personal shortcomings and problems, you need to be a super human.
  • Do not include your height, weight or photo (unless they specifically requested for them).
  • Don’t mention family members and their employment and interest.
  • Don’t ramble about how much you earned at your former job
  • Don’t you ever date your resume, it will invalidate quickly.

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