How TRUST is the new SCAM: Stop this blatant lies about TRUST!

I get seriously peeved when people talk about trust like it is their right or something they can just get without charges.
I find it very laughable that people believe that once they are In a relationship with you, trust automatically comes along as added advantage.
Sorry to burst your bubbles, TRUST is something else and it is a beast, but so everyone can follow, I will leave beast out of this.
Every one of us now have mobile phones, let’s call the PHONE our RELATIONSHIP then TRUST becomes the BATTERY.
As you know already your phone cannot function without its battery, so your relationship cannot stand without trust.
We all know that already, but the issue we have now is how people view trust, some just think of  it as pizza that you just pick up as your own so far you have the cash.
Trust does not just come in one fell sweep, you can actually fall for someone immediately and love them with all your life but TRUST has to be built, you just do not fall in trust.
Like your phone battery, trust has to be charged continuously and if left on its own, the battery depletes and your phone or relationship in this case becomes null, void, and totally useless then it dies.

How TRUST is the new SCAM: Stop this blatant lies about TRUST!

How TRUST is the new SCAM: Stop this blatant lies about TRUST!


Just like a house, you have to build your trust in your relationship step by step, block by block.
No one has a monopoly to it and once you are in a relationship, it becomes the duty of you and your partner to cater for the trust you share and charge it to 100% percent and nothing less!
There is a common deception in relationships, where one partner says you cannot touch their phones you just have to trust them, SERIOULY???? That is the greatest scam of the century.
Trust grows on actions and perception, and one of those is being able to know what your partner is up to and not been in the dark, have you seen a hunter in the night without his headlamp, he will just keep shooting blanks.
You cannot just trust anyone because you love them or you believe them a lot, they need to show you evidence in their actions and words, why they should be seen as trustworthy.
No one should demand for trust out of thin air, it is not your birth right and if anyone does that to you, hat person is a fake, a shame, a con artist, a thief and a scammer.
If you are trustworthy enough, you should not be bothered about someone snooping through your phone, this is not just anyone but your partner, your WIFE, your HUSBAND and yet you hide chats and delete call history and you demand TRUST? Something is definitely wrong with you upstairs.
They will say what you do not know will not kill you, REALLY? People who dies from food poisoning, did they know about the poison? People who get assassinated, did they know about the impending assassination?
I could go on and on and show you why that logic is flawed, knowing everything you can about your partner will save you heart ache in the future, take that to the bank.

Do not ever be with anyone who demands for trust without working for it!

  • You cannot keep late nights and want trust.
  • You cannot keep all your friends as the opposite sex and expect rust
  • You cannot be secretive and expect trust.
  • You cannot hide your phone and expect anyone to trust you.
  • You cannot talk down on your partner and expect to be trusted.
  • You cannot keep telling bold faced lies and expect trust.
  • Loving you alone does not equals to trusting you.
  • Trust is not something you pick off the ground, you work for it.

Stop demanding to be trusted and make yourself TRUSTWORTHY!


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