Idea on Agricultural and Farming Business to Make Money from easily. Part 2

We wrote on ideas for agricultural and farming business you should try out and we promised to do the sequel in this article which is the next.
This is a sequel to our ground breaking article {Idea on Agricultural and Farming Business to Make Money from easily. Part 1} where we discussed extensively on profitable agricultural and farming business you might want to invest your money in for financial security in the long run.
The agricultural sector is ever expanding and it is very worthy to note that a lot can be gained of profited from the sector.
In this post we look at the other various agricultural and farming business you might want to invest in and I promise you that with the required mindset and positive push, your end will justify your means.
We already discussed the importance of agriculture and why you should engage today, Agriculture is very important and we gave reasons why you should venture in it in you definitely should give it a look.
Without much ado, let us get the ball rolling

6. Beans Farming

Aside fish, this is another very important source of protein to Nigerians, and aside rice it forms the next bulk of food consumed by Nigerians and Africans as a whole.
It is also important to note that due to its popular demand and low supply, a bag of beans is twice more costlier than a bag of rice.
That alone is an incentive to put your business side into the necessary drive to become the next biggest beans mogul {we are yet to have a person like that in Nigeria}.
Think about supplying the other geo political zones in the country and you might as well be able to achieve more from an under-exploited farming avenue.

7. Rice Farming

The most popular grain in the world, the most widely accepted food crop around the world and Africa most importantly as it is the basic diet of every individual, it is cheap and everyone definitely has a crave for it.
It is the most popular staple food in Nigeria, from home cooked to every occasion, rice tops the menu list, you can as well do a research on the amount of money Nigeria alone spends in the importation of rice and you might as well get a grasp of where am headed with this paragraph.
And if that sounds odd to you, then the fact that the rice we are importing has spent more than five years in storage should just knock you over, and why is that? No one is engaging in indigenous rice farm anymore.
Just imagine what you can accomplish if you hold the key to this problem. Imagine what you stand to gain today by just owning a rice farm.
And I guess you already know that there is a ready market.

8. Goat Rearing

I am referring to general animal husbandry here, but I just want us all to see them from another perspective, the goat angle.
You definitely must have tasted the delicacy called goat meat pepper soup or the more revered isi ewu {goat head}. You should also know how expensive it is too be able to avail yourself to such luxury.
Most of the consumed goat meat are from the North and just a few from the south, but the truth remains that is a very profitable venture to engage, and it is just a few individuals who are open to this somewhat divine revelation.
Take a survey to your nearest local market and ask the price of a male and female goat respectively and you will understand that this individuals are reaping so much from just rearing goats.

9. Snail Farming

Snail farming might come as a surprise to you but I tell you today that it is very real and in short there are people practicing it all over Nigeria.
It has the potential to be a very big money spinner and it still hurts that people are yet to see through the brick wall.
Overtime, we will open your eyes to the real truth behind the snail farm, you can continue enjoying the delicacy though.

  1. Maize Farming

Does this even need an introduction? Maize is just the next biggest crop on the block, but no one is giving it a big concern except when it is boiled or roasted, is that not laughable.
The fact that a lot of products can be gotten after it has been processed even makes it more special and thus it is a real money spinner.
We are not done as we will be going in-depth in the next articles on how to start the respective farming business with full in-depth analysis.
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