Ideas on Agricultural and Farming Business to Make Money From Easily {PART 1}

Investing in the agricultural sector has proved heinous to some interested persons and so this seems to cripple the vision of making our respective countries financially buoyant while not forgetting to secure ourselves financially and health-wise.
But today, I want us to take a deeper look in to the agricultural terrain and point out some ventures that will prove very profitable in the long run if we abide by the books.
Agriculture is very important to our daily living and survival and we gave you substantial reasons why you should venture in it, you definitely should give it a look.

5 Ideas on Agricultural and Farming Business to Make Money From Easily {PART 1}

  1. Fish Farming and aquaculture

The bulk of the protein requirements in most developing countries come from the fish division of agriculture because of the expensive nature of other form of meat.
It is more of health related benefits due to the fact that it contains omega-3-fatty acid which tends to reduce the incidents of heart related disease amongst other benefits that can be gotten from the aquaculture and fisheries sector.
Do you frequent restaurant and hotels where catfishes sell for as high as 1500 naira and at about 500 naira in the open market.
The whole hype behind fish farming is not exaggerated and if you can understand the nitty gritty of this venture, it can be likened to owning a personal gold mine.

  1. Cassava Farming

This is another farm produce that can metamorphose into different life saving staple food in all regions of Africa and I still believe that it full abilities are yet to be fully explored.
It takes the form of garri, tapioca, starch, fu-fu, cassava flour and the list goes on, this are basic staple food throughout Africa and in Nigeria alone.
It is hard to make a credible distinction between the popularity and acceptability between garri and rice, and this has dated back to ages and it is not stopping anytime soon.
The Nigerian soil alone makes it very possible to cultivate cassava and still get high yield, and with the necessary processing, you are already having a new stream of income because Nigerians and Africans can never do without cassava and its various forms, especially garri.

Ideas on Agricultural and Farming Business You Can Invest In and Make Money From Easily {PART 1}

Ideas on Agricultural and Farming Business You Can Invest In and Make Money From Easily {PART 1}

  1. Plantain Plantation

From the mention of plantain chips, boiled plantain to fried plantain and even roasted plantain, every Nigerian will definitely salivate, here, we are talking about another food source that Nigerians do not toy with ever, but it hurts that most farmers are yet to avail themselves to this opportunity at all.
The good thing about this plant is, just plant it once and all you have to do is to keep harvesting because of its high regenerative ability even when cut down
This is one area of agriculture that is still untapped waiting to be fully exploited, we have millions of naira lying fallow and no one is showing concern, hope you do?

  1. Poultry Farming

Naturally when you think of the easiest way to make money from agriculture, poultry farming pops out automatically and it has really lived up to that status as it is one source of steady income to farmers who engage in it and a steady source of food and other benefits to the entire populace of Nigerian.
What we have in our country are entirely mismanaged farms with very substandard output, no one is taking it so serious still, they are just content with the little it fetches them.
This is one area where much effort has to be invested and without doubt the entirety of resources it can fetch alone is no longer news.
Anybody who can just show more interest than normal here is in for a very smooth ride to wealth, because every Nigerian is interested in poultry meat in its different form like chicken, turkey, duck, and quail.
We are yet to even talk about the poultry egg, which on its own is another source of bountiful wealth, everyone eats egg and on a daily basis.
I will leave you with this to ponder on, start now or regret sooner than later.
By the way do you care for some grilled chicken and scotch eggs?

  1. Pineapple Farming

You love to eat pineapple and I myself will never bargain with its sweet juice, it just something else.
And even if you cannot get the fruit then you can opt for the processed juice, in short, if you are a juice manufacturer and you do not have pineapple flavor on your ranks, then you are yet to get into business fully.
This alone shows you the level of interested consumers who crave daily for the sweet pineapple juice and its very succulent and filling flesh.
The Nigerian soil, is very favorable to the pineapple plant and it can even be cultivated alongside your fish farm and it will still do considerably well.
Do not let anyone talk you out, there is a lot to benefit in this business, by the way a pineapple fruit does not sell below 300 naira in the Nigerian market except it is already going bad.
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This is just the part one, your level of interest and engagement will spur us to write out the part two faster, but for the meantime, why not start to put the logistics in place and see which of the agribusiness you are ready to venture in.
We are also working on an in-depth and brilliant guide that will put your through any agribusiness of your choice, with little risk to your money, fingers crossed.
As usual, over to you!

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