Important Networking skills you must cultivate to get a job and build your career

There are a lot of options when it comes to searching for and finding a lucrative job, the most successful and accurate one has got to be through networking.
Having a network or networking puts you exactly ahead of the competition, this is because the recommendations and guidance you get from a network will give you an edge over other job seekers who don’t.

Networking skills you must cultivate to get a job and build your career

Most of them are just searching for job by sheer luck and hope but you already have something concrete in form of a trusted network, so you see.

Networking skills you must cultivate to get a job and build your career

Networking skills you must cultivate to get a job and build your career


  1. You need to firstly discover and find out which organization, position or career path is important to you or any specific person you are interested in.
  2. You will have to research properly so you will be able to hold down an intelligent discussion with your new contact.
  3. Ask the individual or company when it will be convenient to have a discussion.
  4. Give a brief summary of your background and what you are seeking, try to focus on what you have in common, have a goal in mind and state your purpose.
  5. Maintain flexibility and even though they reschedule the meeting, make every effort to be present for the next one.
  6. Request for information, direction and advice but do not ask for a job. Be prepared beforehand and have a list of questions and topics in mind.
  7. During the meeting, be sure to ask for other contacts, listen attentively and take notes if necessary.
  8. Reply any question directed at you intelligently and sincerely, make other comments too if you have to.
  9. Make sure you are with your CV/Resume and ask them to cross check and make inputs and correction where necessary.
  10. Always be courteous and thankful and be sure to follow up by sending a handwritten note, thanking him or her for their time with you.



  1. Never be too pushy or abrasive by insisting on meeting with someone who is just not interested in or able to speak with you at the moment, learn to respect the liberty of others.
  2. Never ask personal questions e.g. Questions about salary, job history etc. you need to be corporate.
  3. Never ever demand for a job, even though the end product is to get a job, do not be too direct, they know already.
  4. Never overstep you boundaries or exceed your time frame, they are busy people and also demand respect.
  5. Never come unprepared to a networking meeting, there should always be questions from you about the company, individual and your interested career path.
  6. Do not ever interrupt the speaker at any instance.
  7. Never focus entirely on your own needs, you are there to learn, so put away all signs of selfishness.
  8. Never ask the person to help you in circulating your CV/Resume or continually disturb them for irrelevant things.

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You should know that when networking, let the discussion be about the other person, you have to do this to stroke their ego and make them more open towards you.
Always ensure that you politely ask for a call or business card from them to reach out to them at a later time.

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