JAMB Login 2019 – Access your JAMB Profile Account Online Now!


You need the correct JAMB Login to access your JAMB profile, so we will show you how to get your own JAMB Profile account (IF you do not have any) and the exact steps to use your JAMB Login (If you already have an account).

If you are a JAMB Candidate and want to login to your JAMB account, where you can Access information concerning JAMB Examination Date and Centers for the Main JAMB Exam, then, follow the steps below.

jamb login profile account
Jamb Login to your Profile

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If you don’t know how to go about JAMB profile login, or among the people that are asking lots of questions about JAMB login procedures so they can access their JAMB details on Jamb registration portal.

What is JAMB Login Profile?

JAMB Login Profile is a user account on JAMB web portal containing information which a registered candidate had input or filled in during his or her JAMB registration in order to be able to pay for the JAMB Registration PIN and have full access to Jamb result when out.

You can login to Jamb profile and manage your account using your username and password. Inside your Jamb profile account, you can view your details as it is on the registration form and make adjustments if need be.

Prospective JAMB Candidates who fails to create a JAMB Profile on the JAMB Portal login will not be able to complete his or her JAMB registration and won’t be eligible write Jamb examination.

And if you already have a Jamb login details, kindly proceed to see how to login to JAMB Profile below, but then, why login to JAMB Profile in the first place?

In answering that question, a lot of information concerning your JAMB Registration details and Examination details can be accessed only when you login to your JAMB Profile.

JAMB e-facility Account Creation.

  • Candidates are to visit http://jamb.org.ng/efacility/
  • Scroll Downward and click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT“.
  • On the Next Page, You will see different Boxes where you will enter your details like the image shown below

Step 2:

  • On the First Box as shown in the image above, Enter Your Email Address
  • On The Second Box, Repeat The same Email Address you Entered Above
  • On The Third Box, Select a Security Question that you can remember 
  • On the Fourth Box, Enter a Secret Answer to the question you selected above that you can remember.
  • Repeat The same Answer you entered above on the Fifth Box
  • Click On “Verify E-Mail Address
  • We are almost done with Creating the Profile.

How to Use your JAMB Login to access your Profile

Follow the instructions below diligently:

  • Visit Official JAMB Login portal at jamb.org.ng/efacility/
  • You shall be required to enter your email address (enter the email in your Jamb slip).
  • Enter the password given to you at the approved CBT centre or the place where you registered Jamb.
  • If you have forgotten your password, then click on the forgot password tab.
  • Click Login to access your JAMB account profile dashboard.
  • Done.

Below are some of the information that can be accessed when you login to your JAMB account:

  • Correction of Mistakes on JAMB
  • Checking and Printing of JAMB Exam Date
  • Checking And printing of JAMB Exam Result
  • Checking And Printing of JAMB Admission Letter
  • Checking and Printing of JAMB Exam Center or Venue

However, JAMB has also introduced an SMS method for creating Jamb profile 2019. All needed to create Jamb profile today is to send your names to 55019 via your mobile phone.

Your username is the email that appears in your Jamb print out while your password is the one given to you at the approved Jamb CBT center.

Feel free to ask your questions and don’t fail to drop your comment via the comment box. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

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