Legitimate Tips on Getting That Dream Job And Employment in Nigeria

Every undergraduate still day dream about the possibility of getting that dream job and employment.
The greatest motivation for an undergraduate and ultimately the biggest hurdle for a graduate is getting there dream job especially in a country like Nigeria.
Most times the motivation towards graduation is geared towards the level of comfort and solace that can be derived in actually getting employed in a reputable firm in Nigeria almost immediately after the compulsory youth corps.

Legitimate Tips on Getting That Dream Job And Employment in Nigeria

But it still hurts to realize that even with the high level of graduates been churn out yearly from our higher institutions, a lot of them are still unemployed, and this is not really due to the low level of job opportunities {although it is a factor} alone but because most graduates do not know the steps required to getting that dream job and employment in Nigeria.

Getting That Dream Job And Employment In Nigeria, Is It Possible?

The Nigerian job market is one very saturated sector and truthfully, the ease to have a breakthrough sometimes can be termed miraculous.
Let us forget about the “create a job yourself” or “entrepreneurial” cliché, everybody at one time in their life will seek employment and job openings.
Against popular notion that you can never succeed in getting that dream job and employment in Nigeria which is still encouraging is getting to know that people are still getting jobs everyday while you sit down and mop on your misfortune which is actually caused by you.
Your lack of job can be bent on the fact that you are not trying well enough or you are not searching in the right places and that alone is a major obstacle to every job seeker.
You might be doing something very wrong and that is what this article is here to trash once and for all.
We are sick of able bodied, intelligent and sound Nigerians, crying foul and yet no one is doing anything about this major predicament, but this is why www.collegereap.com is here for you.

What are you doing wrong in your job search?

Recruiter are actually feeling like gods this days as they even make life very hard intentionally to job seekers.
Or how would you explain this, a potential recruiter asking applicants for 10 – 15 years’ experience when they know fully well that they are just fresh off the higher institutions?
This has led to complications in the job system as now, you have to offer something to even be considered, or how will you explain ladies selling their bodies or young men giving out bribes just to be shortlisted on the interview list?
Even fraudsters are now cashing on the naivety of the job seekers to pull of enormous scams and this is really irritating.
But another truth is that, you are also a hindrance to your successful search in getting that dream job and employment in Nigeria, or how would you explain the following statements below, which you must have uttered once a time:

  • I need a very high paying job with full benefit.
  • I hate been told what to do.
  • What can you do to maximize your job search chances?

You really need to stop seeing yourself as a mediocre, as a person who is cannot stand a chance in the struggle, you just have to get up and running now.
I will help you on what to look out for before your next job hunt.

Below are some tips you might want to write down.

Search from the Right Source

The predicament of most people is that, they actually lack the necessary information to put them in the right course.
While some who are ready to search, are actually in the wrong places or looking in the wrong directions.
Most of the newspapers and job listing directories you look into to search for your dream job and employment are actually too saturated and that is why your chances will always be slim.
So may I ask, have you ever heard of the internet? You have to stop following the bandwagon and look in other directions and this is something I will help you with.
Here is a list of sites to get firsthand contact with your prospective employer. {Websites in no particular order}

  1.  Jobberman.com
  1. NaijaHotJobs.com
  2. JobListNigeria.com
  3. JetHeights.com



  1. HotNigerianJobs.com




Maximize your own chance

You might be wondering what I mean, but my point here is that, most of the time all job seekers will always send just there CV to a particular firm and sit down expecting.
Have you ever thought about mass application to various firms? That is what I mean. Send out your CV as much as you can to different firms.
Do not be scared or ashamed, because no one will flog you for trying out your luck, and it works most of the time.
You might want to try this next time.

Target firms related to your field of study

Most job seekers will always make the mistake of sending applications to companies that are in no way related to their course of study.
It still baffles me what they aim to achieve, or how do you expect a law firm to honor applications from an accountant, it does not follow.
Learn to reach out to companies and firms in your direct line of interest and it will be very easy for you to get a call up for your interview.

Do not give up

The race is not for the swiftest but for the more persevering and enduring individual.
You have to put your act together and your head should be balanced. Do not ever lose hope as nothing good ever comes easy, ask any successful individual
Many rivers to cross but it is only your will that will keep you alive.
Keep chasing and never you up.

Getting Your Dream Job Employment Is Way Soon, believe!

Like I said, never you give up on the chase as life itself I not a bed of rose, just keep pushing and you never can tell what tomorrow holds for you.
Keep your head straight and believe in what you can offer and have hope in what God holds in store for you.
Whichever path you choose in your career and job search, it is my humble wish that you finds the best job of your dream.
If you decide to get involved in startups that will be nice for you as well.  By all means, make sure you do something for yourself.
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