8 Lessons i Learnt from life in the hardest of ways (My birthday message to you)

My name is PRECIOUS IRIAEVHO, and July 3rd will always hold so much meaning, seeing it is my birthday, it makes me get even more ecstatic.
Oh yes, its my day, lets shoot some firecrackers …

happy birthday PRECIOUS IRIAEVHO

happy birthday PRECIOUS IRIAEVHO

I sometime wonder how it would have felt, if I could just have an iota of knowledge on what transpired on that SPECIAL day i was born, but there is no need for that anymore.
Having lived through more than two decades of July 3rd, I now have enough experiences to cover for my loss on my first July 3rd.
Life is sweet, especially when there is a real meaning to it, but there is a major problem, you have to be the one to give your life a meaning, so the job of getting the sweetness and joy in it rests on you.
Now that becomes a major problem, because life itself is not fair and if it was a person, it gives no shit about you and how you feel, all it want is to screw you repeatedly till you lose your mind.
I have seen and experienced a lot and I know what it means to be on the wrong side of life’s favor and also on the right side.
People expect too much from life and it has become most of their undoing, if it gives you lemon, do be a wuss, get up and get your own lemonade, simple!
Happy birthday PRECIOUS IRIAEVHO 8 Lessons i Learnt from life the hard-way (My birthday message to you)

Happy birthday PRECIOUS IRIAEVHO 8 Lessons i Learnt from life the hard-way (My birthday message to you)

After so many years of living an experience, I learnt so much lessons and it still baffles me when people are ignorant of simple messages life is trying to pass across.


I still wonder the level of idiocy some people display when they think they can live all their life for others, now it gets worse because they expect more in return too.

It is good to help others but do not act it out because you want others to pay you back. This days, I see giving as charity, if I help you, I expect nothing in return except a verbal thank you.
That means, I give only what I can afford to lose without batting an eye.


There is something most people don’t know about love, they don’t know that people only love based on interest, once that interest wanes, love goes because it is conditional.
I don’t care what you call it, true love or deep love, it is one hell of bullshit, it is all based on interest just like political affiliations and business.

In short if you want your relationship to last longer, see it as a business and not something abstract that you cannot wrap your head around.
Okay, I know that I just messed up your mind, see it like this: For me to remain in a relationship with you, there should be an underlying interest that I fancy a lot (Wealth, Beauty, etc.), and if it goes, my interest goes.
For family, it is the blood bond, for friends and lovers, it will be something mundane like money, fame or even popularity.
Blood bond can’t be broken, so family stick for life even in disarray, but just lose your job and watch your friends and the love of your life jump ship!


Yes you read right, stop that shitty excuse of believing in yourself, you have to narrow down your belief to something you can operate on.

If you believe in yourself what is the take away?, but you have to believe in an ability or something you can do yourself, now that is the first step to wealth and success.
So next time, instead of saying you believe in yourself generally, say, that you believe in your ability to survive no matter what you face, you will see that you will move faster and even accomplish more!


I had always wish time can standstill, always wish things remain the same, but it was never to be so. Joy turns to sorrow but the circles runs by again.

Life is ephemeral, it takes one on a boundless journal of self-spiraling, sometimes running in circles only to see that things are not as before at the beginning.
Now I just look to the present, savor it as best as I can, take pictures and allow myself freely to its experience even in hurt and joy, because when tomorrow comes, today will become yesterday … a past!


Without rules, there will be nothing like crime, but my aspect is not from that perspective, some rules are not meant to be adhered to.
Break the status quo sometimes and reach for the impossible, the shackles of man are laid in the rules and boundaries he has set for himself.
Respect every man and the path that they have chosen but try to stand alone, sometimes you have to break free of the herd mentality, sometimes you just have to break the rules, because it is the only way.


I have experienced leadership in all its form and I learnt this the very hard-way. Even if you think you are the boss, there is always someone higher than you on the food chain.
You can be smarter, wiser but it is already as it seem, they are above and they demand your full respect and allegiance.
Learn this today, most times there is gain in loyalty and service especially if who you pledge allegiance to one who is wiser and smarter.
Learn to discern the best in a leader and follow through, and one day you too will be a great leader.


Life is a jungle, we are faced with a situation of man eat man, brother sacrifice brother, so you have to wise up and learn that life is per head.

No one really give a damn about you and when shit hits the fan. You will be running this race alone and most times, it is okay to cry.
Take opportunities as they come and live for the present with those you can carry along. Nobody cares and that is how life made it.
Wake up and survive because when you die, no one is sharing the coffin with you.


Luck is the simple word used to describe the outcome of previous labor and self-aligning in the case of things becoming right, and most times they do.

You cannot be lazy and immobile and be wishing for luck, luck comes to those that work, those that crawl and move, luck comes to those who are not stagnant.
Continue to align yourself to what you want and one day you will get “lucky”.
Enough!, I could go on and on but this lessons are enough, I don’t want to bore you especially not on this day, not on MY DAY, not on my BIRTHDAY!!



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