How to make money on Facebook in Nigeria without serious investment

You must be really interested in how to make money on Facebook in Nigeria to find yourself in this blog and reading this post, and I tell you that it is one of the genuine ways to make money online without investment, you can call this the Facebook wealth formula.
A lot of guru will tell you about best online business in Nigeria but they never seem to give complete information, they will promise to show you how to make money online from home and invest money online and earn daily but it really may not work.
I want to show you in this post a simplified way on how to make money on Facebook without investment but by just having a Facebook account and possibly by posting links for free.
You may also wonder if it is possible to and how to make money with Facebook likes, I really wish I can help but there is no way to make money using Facebook likes, because likes is just a user engagement.

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But you can use Facebook likes to know if people are interested in what you are offering, so indirectly , it is an indicator if you will make money on Facebook by getting likes.

How to make money on Facebook in Nigeria without serious investment

How to make money on Facebook in Nigeria without serious investment

How to make money using Facebook step by step instructions ( $100+ a day )

  1. You have to create a Facebook account, then proceed to create a page and group

2. Write very interesting posts and articles to get viewers and members to your group and likes to your pages, also try to invite your friends and people.
3. Sign up for affiliates like Jumia, Konga, and Amazon etc.
4. Start to write reviews and posts about brands, goods and services that you believe that they will find very useful.You can open Facebook groups and pages for different niches to increase your chances of making money on Facebook.
5. You can also earn money from Facebook ads by leveraging the power of Facebook advertising to your advantage to earn more money. It may cost you some few dollars but once you get it into motion, you will be making huge money in return from Facebook.

Proven Other Ways to Make a Lot of Money on Facebook Fast

Sell your products or services On Facebook

If you have a small business, you can also set up a Facebook page for it to earn money. You can sell your products online too

Affiliate marketing

You can join other foreign affiliate marketing websites and promote the links on your facebook pages and groups.

If you have a lot of members, you can also accept sponsored post and earn money on Facebook from the companies.

Make money on Facebook with page setup

You can also make money on Facebook by setting up Facebook pages for companies and brands.
The possibilities to make money on Facebook are endless and you can avail yourself to all the opportunities.
Comment below if you have ideas and questions!
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