When Should A Man Hit His Woman? The Fact About Relationship Abuse And Assault!

“He is not a man, he should have walked away even though i insulted and assaulted him”
That was all she was screaming, after her husband had landed a resounding slap at her, forgetting all the time she had abused him and pushed him to his limit, i was a witness and her conscience was too.
I guess she is not woman enough or she would have kept shut and desist from locking her husbands shirt.
I decided i will like to elaborate on this issue, i think it is sheer double standard especially when a woman will think she has the full monopoly to insult and assault a man, especially a man that has a high threshold for her incessant tantrums and bickering.
I am not writing in favour of men or against women, but i want us all to apply simple logic to this issue, it may help our present and subsequent relationships.
There really is no special man from mars that is emotionless to the extent of petting you everytime you act wrily. Your husband is in no way different from your father, brother, male teacher who will whoop your ass at any misdeamanour. So i wonder why you think those people can touch you and your husband cannot especially when you cannot even respect yourself and him?
The husband composition = HUSBAND = father + brother + teacher + disciplinarian
The wife composition = WIFE = mother + sister + teacher + disciplinarian
A man walking away has no correlation to his level of manliness or maturity, different people have different elastic limit to assault, the number of times it will take Adamu to retaliate might be higher for Adam. So quit testing their limits and beastmode threshold. You cannot perpetually put a man through repetitive and costant provocation yet expect him to go all romeo on you.
Some get angry easily and others can really bottle things up(this ones are more dangerous), you should know your man before you start hoping he walks out everytime you go into bitch mode.


Yes, a man can hit a woman and likewise a woman can hit a man. But men are mostly bigger and stronger and thus, the percentage of beating and hitting comes from the man, but the most provocation comes from the women!
There is no rule anywhere against this, growing up i had beaten my sister and she had also flipped the script on me. Fighting between male and female was no big deal when we were all growing.
The only change now is that, we all have grown in stature and maturity, so fighting everyday and mostly without reason had to stop.


If your man has invested too much on you and he does not cheat or look out to other women, he is going to hit you very soon if you provoke him costantly. This men are always the so called dream men of every woman. They are LOVELY and that is why they are a real danger if you feed the beast in them.
A man who cares less can always walk away to his concubine but this angel is going nowhere, he is indoor and listening to all the trash you are vomiting, he is going to snap soon. He loves you but he will hit you!


This man is not selfish and he can give his life for you, the only problem is that every man keeps a mental record of all what they do for you. They weigh it on mental scales and check if they can forfiet it or get a reward.
NB: Most men do not do anything for FREE, it is a long term strategy to break your defenses when they are ready to upgrade their interest in you.
The problem is, most ladies offer nothing to this type of men most times and yet they constatly provoke him. He is going to blow up one day when he knows that you are taking him for granted and he will beat you up and that to him may feel like payback.


Everyman has the tendency to beat up his wife, but they behave as a mirror to how the wife act towards them, if all others factors are costant!
This is because, everyman is lovely, kind, generous and weak to a particular woman he loves but is she fully protected? NOOOOOOO!


A man should honestly not hit a woman especially when the size and strenght difference is way above the negligible level, this will inflict more bodily harm to the woman and so a man should try to keep his cool always. The only probem here is that … not all men can keep cool and calm always. I know those who can though … DEAD MEN!
Men are naturally defensive, some are more prone to get defensive and attack and they care less of your sex especially when they mentally think that you have challenged them enough, all they see is just another COMPETITION and not a WOMAN, that is when the slap comes in most times!

NB: A man weighs verbal and active abuse on different scales but he sees them both as an ATTACK on him, while he may react immediately if you push him or hit him, he may also snap from from 3hours of VERBAL ABUSE.
VERBAL abuse to a man is like a TAUNT and everytime you do it, you are chopping off his manliness and he keeps seeing this as an open challenge. This is what boxers and wrestlers do, so why are you doing this as a woman?
To a man, VERBAL ABUSE is more grevious than PHYSICAL ASSAULT, it causes a mental friction everytime you insult him, he get so bitter till he has had enough and HE WILL EXPEND ALL THE PENT UP ANGER ON YOU!

I am not as strong as ANTHONY JOSHUA, is that still enough reason why i should give him a slap first, whilst hoping that he will look at my size and walk away because he is MAN ENOUGH?


This section will be the honey pot for the so called FEMINISTS, but the truth is… the more you want a man to treat you like a man, the higher you increases the chances of getting between the crossfire.
Naturally, men protect and defend woman but when a woman wants to get territorial and man-like, i am sorry he will treat you like a fellow man, he will fight you and there is no shame.
All men are SCARED of their mothers, some even more than their father, this confirms something. A woman who can act like a mother can have a man in her grasp. But if you choose to act like a man, you a

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