All Men Are Potential Wife Beaters – Ladies, Do Not Be Deceived Ever Again!

Most domestic violence are not as a result of the wife’s behavior, some men just snap under pressure and the first or even only person to vent on is the wife, so let us not accuse the woman of been a causative factor.
NB: No one should hit anyone no matter the sex, but rules were actually made to be broken!
So I was just laughing seriously hard as some people, especially guys came down hard on this young condom smelling cadet on this thread (he slapped his girlfriend after discovering in a bizarre manner that she was cheating).
I decided that it will be a great time to dismantle the stupid stereotype of “a real man will not touch a woman”, i am here wondering who then are the fake men?. If you keep believing that, then you can believe that money falls from the sky.
Any man who tells you that he will never raise his hands to touch you is a full blown liar. I do not have time for all the hypocrites and beta males that will flood this thread, deep down they know what i am saying is the fact!

All Men Are Potential Wife Beaters – Ladies, Do Not Be Deceived Ever Again!

From Barack Obama, your Pastor, that your male role model, all the hypocrite males on the internet especially nairaland, your father even that so called marriage counsellor who kicks against it… They are all potential wife beaters and they are all real men to the core.
So I want you to step back today and look at your boyfriend, fiancée, lover and husband, then come to the realization that he may actually beat you blue-black someday.
The reasons why he is still in his best behavior is that, you are playing your cards well, he has full security (mentally, physically and financially) and he has a long elastic limit, not just to your tantrums but to life’s challenges generally, lets hope all those constant remain that way.
The truth is that, SELF-CONTROL has a major role to play here but also the woman has a minor role too. (I am not going to cast any blame on women here).
Most of these male have a huge reserve of self-control and most times it never runs dry.
Every man has an elastic limit and fuse length, at a stage, different factors, conditions and even environment can decrease his elastic limit and that is where problems arise.
The following type of men will beat you mercilessly at any slight mistake, so try to avoid them. While no man is exempted from the wife beating intersection, this ones have no control over their SELF and EMOTIONS:
– A man who has invested heavily in the relationship, even more than you has a high tendency to beat you.
– A man who loves you too much to the point of obsession and jealousy will hit you, because he wants to correct you.
– A man who worships you too much can flip the switch on you someday.
– A man who is trying to protect his ego from constant deflation will crack your cranium.
– A man who is jobless and depressed may want to put all that frustration on you.
– A man that does not speak out when you wrong him but he bottles it all up, my sister “ABEG” RUN!!! etc.
Guys, just pray you do not find a problem that will make you snap and ladies pray for someone who can actually take alot of heat!
“There is a beast in every one (man and women), it grows everyday and feeds from our pains and anger, one day it will loose it shackles. Tame your beast!”
DISCLAIMER: This post is not in any way advocating for domestic violence, but it is a measure to protect my lovely sisters from impending danger from a warped understanding of the male species.

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