Money making and Business opportunities for Nigerian undergraduates

The recent crime waves is not encouraging with undergraduates students and unemployed graduates taking the front stage, yes the government has failed woefully
It’s time we all lead our lives individually and hence the need for Money making and Business opportunities for undergraduates and all of the populace.
The student life is the hardest and arguably the critical stage in the life of man, where every support both financially and morally is highly needed and must be provided, but it is worthy to note that most students are still wallowing at the rock bottom resulting in increase of all anti-social vices leading to societal, moral and character degradation.
The need for success which is directly linked with wealth cannot be treated with levity as a man who does not have the ability and resources to make his survival comfortable cannot live a stable life.
Some people are so lucky with rich parents and relatives who they can cry and make request to at any time, they really do not know what it means to hustle just to have food on the table and if you are in this category you can skip this post to the next {but it will do no harm to read through}.
To my fellow foot soldier to whom survival is an expensive game, let’s go on a ride.

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Making money is related to how well one can churn ideas and bring them to life, starting with your immediate environment, you can start something viable for yourself.

Money making and Business opportunities for Nigerian undergraduates

Gone are the days when we blame our unfortunate parents, one day you will be a parent too and do you want your kids to blame you too?
There are countless numbers of people are Money making through many Business opportunities in Nigerian undergraduates and university campus with their common sense by just doing extra activities within the campus and there immediate surroundings.
It’s a miserable thing for students to get stranded or be in short of cash when there are numerous businesses that they can venture into as an undergraduate on campus to sustain their daily living in the real senses.

Starting a Business Today in Nigeria: 6 Factors you must consider first

Starting a Business Today in Nigeria: 6 Factors you must consider first

Typing and Photostatting Business

A large portion of my undergraduate days have either been spent reading photocopied materials or photocopying materials.
Making money through Photostatting is very simple and the simplest ways among all. You don’t necessarily need to set up a computer Centre before you can start making money Photostatting documents.
All you need to do is to get a photocopying machine, preferably “3in1″ photocopy machine which can be used to photocopy, print and scan documents at the same time.
Having a sincere agreement with your class governor or course representative and other of your course mates can put smile in your face and at the same time enriches your bank account.
Making your course mates a prime customer is even enough for you to sustain your living on campus doing Photostatting. Just think outside the box here.

Selling of Recharge Cards Business

As a student, you can hardly do without making a call or browse as the case maybe. If you can’t afford a stand within the campus then you can operate your recharge card business underneath.
Make it known to your friends, hostel mates, course mates, level mates, faculty mates, your lecturers (As a female, you need to be very careful while dealing with male lecturers, not all though).
Assuming that you are selling recharge cards, no matter what, you will be making some extra cash to make life easier for you on campus.
You don’t need to start big, just start with what you can afford and you are good to go.

Photography Business

This is simply the act of taking photograph and being called a photographer if you are not the shy type.
There is no gender difference in making money, let alone making money on campus; most especially it pays well if you are a female photographer as you will always stay ahead of your male competitor due to your gender.
People cherish how they look and love to see their beauty often. Just be unique and you will make your cool money with little or no stress.
As a mathematician, let make a simple calculation, your average customers per day is just 20 students at the rate of 120 per snap shot, making 100 customers per week and that bring your 12,000 and as a matter of sincerity, you cannot spend more than 50% of the total moment, then what would you do with the rest of the cash?
You will definitely pocket it and you bank account will always keep smiling.

Beautician | Hair dressing Business

Yes! You heard me right, you gender doesn’t matter here. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in hostel or not, you can still do this within the campus and can still be done off-campus.
All that matters to you is to make money as an undergraduate while on campus so that you will never remain stranded again as far as you are still a student.
All you need is barbing items like clipper, combs, probably generator to power your service when there is power outage {there is always power on most campus at specific time}.
And if you are a lady, you can as well be a barber and if you can’t or too odd for you, you can venture into hairdo and start making hairs for people in your hostel and from there, your story will never remain the same as a student.

Tutorial Services | Tutoring Business

The amount of money you can make from organizing a tutorial class is virtually unlimited I must confess, I did this when I was an undergraduate and a friend joined me in less than 30 days.
Just sit down, think of the course that is/are very tedious, most especially for new students and make yourself a master of know on it, organize a tutorial class on this course and you’ll start making your cash gradually.
But, the only problem associated with this means is that, many students find it very difficult to face the crowd and not because they don’t know what they want to teach but they have phobia for crowd and their states of mind isn’t accommodating.
No matter what, you will definitely fall above average on at least a course, and then you can make use of the advantage.
Let take for instance, you have an average of 20 students who attends your tutorial class (PHY 111 for instance) at 20 per students, and that makes you 400 per day; stressful you said? Money doesn’t come easy; putting this guide together is not so easy as well. Just think.

Repairing of Phones and Computers

If you don’t know anything about this, I can assure you that this is what you can learn within 6 month as a part time student to enjoy your studentship on campus. No matter what, there will always be phones and laptops to repair once in a while.
This may not be lucrative as others but with one hits, you can double your income.
If you lives in hostel “hostelite”, you need to make this known to your colleague in the hostel and as time goes on, you will be known if you render quality service that makes you stand out.
To make money on campus as an undergraduate, you need to be the serious type so that it will not affect your academic negatively.

Selling of Phone Accessories Business

This is what some people refer to as a small scale business on campus, yet, you can make money with it as an undergraduate.
As a student, cuts your coat according to your size by starting small. You can start selling accessories like headphone, battery, phone casing, phone charger, etc.
And even many more business for all.
Making money as an undergraduate is very easy but dangerous at the same time, if you want to make money in school as an undergraduate, you must learn how to manage your time effectively.
You do not want your studentship terminated due to poor performance in your academic which is your primary objective of being in school because of the fact that you want to make money on campus as an undergraduate to.
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