NPower list of successful candidates – Complete list of shortlisted Candidates!

The NPower list of successful candidates have been announced, this is in continuation of the second phase of its volunteer corps programme. The list of npower successful candidates has been revealed on the npower site to be upto 300,000 npower successful applicants.
The npower shortlisted candidates can begin to anticipate their call up which will be before the end of the month of Novermber. All applicants are expected to expect their message as soon as possible too.
“The Federal Government of Nigeria is pleased to announce the commencement of the second phase of the N-Power Volunteer Corps Programme, involving the selection of 300,000 successful applicants.

NPower list of successful candidates – Complete list of shortlisted Candidates!

“The Federal Government of Nigeria wishes to congratulate all 300,000 successful applicants.
“They are encouraged to take this opportunity seriously by learning the skills that will brighten their future and also serve their communities with commitment and dedication.

NPower list of successful candidates and shortlisted applicants

NPower list of successful candidates and shortlisted applicants

“For those who have not been selected at this time, there is a waiting list and subsequent phase(s) will absorb more qualified applicants.
“The selection into the second phase was undertaken in a fair and transparent manner on the following bases:

NPower list of successful candidates: Shortlisted candidates list

The list of npower successful and shortlisted applicants and candidates are itemized below:

  • Npower Teach 170,000 Candidates
  • Npower Tax 7500 Candidates
  • Npower Agro 65,000 Cadidates
  • Npower Health 57,500 Candidates.

“The Federal Government is partnering with all the States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory through their Governors and relevant Focal Persons for the National Social Investments Programme.
“As such, the respective list of successful applicants has been shared with the States who are now responsible for deploying successful volunteers to their primary places of assignment from Tuesday, 21st of November 2017.
“The primary places of assignment will be primary schools, primary health care centres and State Agriculture Development Project (ADPs) within the Local Government Centres.
“States are at liberty to publicise the list of successful applicants within their jurisdictions and respective Local Government Councils.
“The engagement date for all successful N-Power Volunteer Corps members will be December 1st 2017. Successful applicants will be notified by SMS and E-mail from Sunday, November 19th 2017.
“From Tuesday, November 21st 2017, all successful applicants are required to go to where they are expected to log in to their personal NPVC accounts and update their information as may be required.

NPower list of successful candidates – Complete list of shortlisted Candidates!

“This NPVC account will be the primary means of constant communication as well as a learning management resource. Successful N-Power Volunteer Corps members must provide valid bank account information for the purposes of payment of monthly stipends.
“Information regarding deployment will also be accessible on the N-Power web portal as soon as the States indicate the primary places of assignment of each successful NPVC member.”

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