How to Open and Fund Nigerian paypal account easily without stress!

Today, i will be showing you how to How to Open and Fund Nigerian paypal account easily without stress, relax your mind and follow us throught he whole timeline.
Most Nigerians know the stress they go through to make an international transaction for the past few years, knowing so well that every international websites like eBayAmazon require that you pay with PayPal. Nigeria was not on the list and cannot use PayPal as a method of payment of goods and services.
Many people believe that this was as a result of the country  known for corruption and internet fraud, but it took the support of an appeal from to convince PayPal that Nigeria is an encouraging prospect for doing business.

How to Open and Fund Nigerian paypal account easily without stress!

When you sign up to use PayPal, simply visit the Nigerian homepage and click on sign up at the top right corner of the page. You need to give your full names, address, phone number, and of course email address. You also need to create a password for the PayPal login. Make your password more secured by using more than six characters, and use numbers and letters.
Also, you need to choose a security question. The security question can be your mother’s maiden name, your place of birth, or the last four digits of your driver’s license number.  Then, you need to check a box next to the end of the page that says you have read and agreed to PayPal’s User Agreement and Privacy policy.
Remember that you have to read the full policy agreement you’re about to sign and what PayPal expects from you before you click the Sign up button.
PayPal sends you an email confirming your PayPal registration. The email arrives, without delay, at the email address you have provided during registration, and the message contains a link. When you get the email, click the link to visit PayPal website. Enter the Password that was used to open the PayPal account. Bingo!  you’re in.

PayPal confirmation of welcome page

How to Open and Fund Nigerian paypal account easily without stress!

Register PayPal with Credit Card or Checking Account:

You also need to add an ATM card number to your PayPal account if you want to pay for any anything online with a MasterCard (or plan to sell on eBay). If you don’t have Nigeria issued ATM credit card — or would like to pay for items directly from your bank account, you need to register your bank’s checking account with PayPal.
If you’re not confident giving out your personal information to anyone, especially when it comes to online transactions. I will say relax!. PayPal uses military-strength encryption technology to keep your information safe, so don’t be hesitant to surrender your information to them.
To register with your MasterCard, you’ll need to enter the name on the card, the expiration date, and the card’s verification number — the three-digit numbers on the back of the card, engraved beside the last three digits of the card number in the area where you sign the card. PayPal also requires that you provide a permanent address (P.O Box is not accepted).
The process is simple; a one-time refundable charge of $1.99 will be billed to the bank account to prove that it’s yours. Next, your bank will alert you by means of SMS or email with a code which you’ll use in completing the entire confirmation process.

Your bank’s SMS alert will read:

PayPal Code Confirmation

The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the transaction made on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

PayPal Card Verification

For international credit cards like a visa card, the card verification number is the four-digit number on the right side of the front page of the card.
When you enter all the information PayPal needs, click on the “Add” button. PayPal submits your information to your credit card company for verification. This process may take a minute or more, depending on the company who issued the card to you.
In the long run, your credit card company will eventually verify the card ownership used during the PayPal registration, and the card will be added to your account. You can register up to four Visa credit cards.
Registering your checking account is usually simple too. You just need to provide the information from the bottom of your check books.

How to Open and Fund Nigerian paypal account easily without stress!

Get PayPal Verified:

For your PayPal account to get verified, PayPal must have the ability to confirm that your account is truly yours. If you bank online, you can confirm your account in a small amount of time. When PayPal has the information it needs, it makes two little deposits into your checking account provided during your registration.
After two or five days period, call your bank or check your account online and find out the amounts of the two deposits.
Once you receive the amounts, sign in to your account again with your password, and type the amounts in the appropriate verification places. You’re all set! Your PayPal account is verified while you’re in Nigeria. PayPal has confirmed that you hold an active account with your bank.

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All banks are required to screen their account holders, and verification authenticates your identity to anybody who shares the same PayPal account with you.

Advantages of Being A Nigerian PayPal Account Holder:

  • You are allowed to spend up to $10,000 through PayPal in a single transaction.
  • Your PayPal account is highly secured and your purchase is protected until you confirm the receipt of the product.
  • You represent a positive figure as a buyer or seller. Verified status shows other PayPal members that you have passed PayPal’s security checks.

If you prefer not to give out your bank account number, you can get verified by applying for and being accepted for a PayPal Plus credit card or PayPal Buyer Credit.
When you first sign up, there are limits on the amount of money you can withdraw from PayPal; you may just have the ability to withdraw only $500.00 every month.
Fortunately, you can change this limit by confirming your bank account and linking your credit card with your PayPal account. After you complete the steps listed here. The only limit is that any one withdrawal or transfer to a bank cannot exceed $100,000.00 USD.
I have personally used PayPal in Nigeria and successfully received the goods I ordered online from eBay and Amazon. I can therefore confirm to you that PayPal works. Have you tried creating a PayPal account from Nigeria?  Share your experiences?

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