How to pray for Nigeria: Let us all take our country out of Peril and Sorrow!

For those who want to know How to pray for Nigeria, this is a compilation of prayers from the pencostal fellowship of Nigeria and the prayer outline they have for our beloved country Nigeria.
It is important that we all collectively pray for this country as this is ours, this is our first home and there will be no ohter nigeri aelsewhere except here.
So, let us pray for Nigeria.

How to pray for Nigeria: Let us all take our country out of Peril!


  1. Thank God that despite all the predictions and prophecies of doom and gloom we had peaceful elections and a new government.
  2. Thank God for disappointing those who wished that Nigeria would be a failed state. God frustrated all their plans, plots and designs against Nigeria.
  3. Thank God for the smooth and peaceful transition to a new government.
  4. Thank God that world leaders and nations are beginning to change their attitude towards Nigeria.


  1. Pray that this administration will govern with wisdom and discretion.
  2. Pray that God will help the government to establish and strengthen systems that will tackle corruption in Nigeria.
  3. Pray that there will be understanding and cooperation between the president and his vice to provide purposeful leadership to Nigerians.
  4. Pray that the Vice President, Prof Osinbajo, would be like Joseph in the courts of Pharaoh. Pray that he will continue to find favour before God and men, especially President Buhari.
  5. Pray that Osinbajo would not be intimidated but will be bold to defend the church.
  6. Pray that God will grant sound health and mind to our leaders, especially President Buhari.
  7. Pray that the president will lead with justice and fairness. Pray and hold him by his word that he belongs to all.
  8. Ask God to frustrate any plans by special interest groups to wrongly influence the president.
  9. Pray that the president will focus on governance and not the promotion of Islam and his tribe.
  10. Pray that the fight against corruption will be thorough and that there will be no sacred cows or deliberate witch-hunt of political opponents.
  11. Pray for harmonious working relationship between the different arms of government – executive, legislature and judiciary.
  12. Pray that only the right people will scale through the screening exercise by the senate. Ask that the ministers will be men and women of proven character and vision to transform our nation.


  1. Let’s pray that God will expose and diminish the influence of false prophets and all those who subvert the purposes of God for the church in Nigeria.
  2. Let’s pray that the church in Nigeria will be awakened and embrace her missionary calling to the nations of the world.
  3. Let’s ask that God will provide the resources and that Christian leaders will judiciously apply them for the work of the kingdom.
  4. Let’s pray that God will uncover and frustrate any plans by the new government to hinder the church from fulfilling her ministry.
  5. Pray that church leaders will not be intimidated but will speak out boldly about the issues in our nation.
  6. Pray against deception and false doctrines that are rampant in some churches.
  7. Pray that God will stir up the heart of church leaders to be relentless in their pursuit of revival for the land.
  8. Pray that God will open the eyes of this government and cause them to see the persecution of Christians in the North. Pray that churches that were destroyed would be rebuilt and that the promises made to those who suffered losses will be honoured.

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That is all for now on How to pray for Nigeria: Let us all take our country out of Peril!

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