Best Guide on How to Start a Pig Farm in Nigeria and Growing to market size

We keep talking about businesses you can start in Nigeria to start to earn a living and today we will center our talks on how to start a pig farming business in Nigeria and growing them to market size.
Pig farming is another aspect of farming and agriculture in Nigeria where a lot of smart and daring entrepreneurs are making real and legitimate money on a daily basis.
Pig farming is a great money spinner and if you engage in it, there is really no reason why you will be broke or waiting on the government for monthly stipends, especially now that there are just few jobs for everyone.

Best Guide on How to Start a Pig Farm in Nigeria and Growing to market size

Pig meat is on high demand and it sells very fast in the Nigerian market especially in the south and west of the country, and the pig farm can meet up to demand because pigs tend to reproduce well and grow very fast on little budget and maintenance.

Best Guide on How to Start a Pig Farm in Nigeria and Growing to market size

Best Guide on How to Start a Pig Farm in Nigeria and Growing to market size

It is on record that a female pig (sow) can reproduce up to 15 piglets at one birth, this make it a highly reproducing mammal

  • Male pig is called Boar
  • Female Pig is called Sow
  • Baby pig is called Piglet
  • Groups of pig is called Herd / Drove

While pig farming in Nigeria is very profitable, it is baffling why just a few individual are actively involved in an agricultural gold mine like this, it still boils down to ignorance as most people really don’t know how profitable it is.
The few who engage in pig farming in Nigeria, do so on a part time basis and yet they still make huge profit as the competition of pig farmers is limited, so this is your lucky chance.
Fully grown pigs can cost as much as 40,000 depending on the weight and size, now imagine if you can nurture just seventy (70) to market size, your sales will go overboard and you will be totaling more than 2,000,000 naira in just a year, put in more effort and see if you will not exceed your dreams.

Important factors to consider before starting pig farming in Nigeria

Now let’s consider how fast the pigs grow, don’t you think you can scale up to hundred (100) pigs in just a year? So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of setting up your own pig farming business in Nigeria.

Secure your Land Space for the Pig Farm

This is really not rocket science, you need land space to start your pig farming in Nigeria, any size or plot will do for starters, but if you can purchase a large space, it all good, it is great to dream big.
The space you procure will really factor in the type of farming system you want to employ, a large space will be good for semi-intensive system where the pigs roam to search for food and then at night you herd them in to the pen.
In this system, you pigs will wander about for food, and you may be just responsible for their drugs and shelter, this is cost effective too but you need large land area
If you land space is small, you will need to carry out a full intensive system, here you will provide all the pigs need as they will always be inside of their pen or cage.
Land will be your biggest challenge but also your biggest investment, once you can overcome this hurdle, you are almost in the pig farming business already.
You can do your land procurement in rural areas where they may be cheaper, you can use a communal land of family land in your village or hometown, the idea here is to save cost and have cash for other pressing need.
It must fenced about too, to prevent thieves and also prevent the pigs from wandering away from the farm.

How to Start a Pig Farm in Nigeria and Growing to market size

How to Start a Pig Farm in Nigeria and Growing to market size

Erect Pig Farm Pen or cage

Your land search is over and now you have one in a choice location, the next step is to set up your pig pen, this is where they will be kept both day and night.
Try to make the pen very big and spacious, this will allow for free movement, avoidance of injuries and prevent the widespread of diseases and contamination.
You should look to set up proper drainage that slopes away from the pen and the farm in general, this will allow you to prevent buildup of stagnant water that will serve as breeding ground for disease vector (insects), it also helps to drain the pig wallow.
Talking about wallow, this is a water pool that the pigs can always bask in, since they do not have sweat pores, that is how they keep their body temperature down, this will also serve as a playground for them and where they can get cleaned up.
You should endeavor to change this water on a regular basis to avoid outbreak of disease and virus.

Source for Quality bred Piglets for the Pig Farm

If you want a quality pig farm, you definitely need to look out for quality bred piglets to start your farm with, you need to locate a trusted source and make sure you are buying those with a well-documented vaccination history.
Start with a limited number, say 20 piglets, this will prepare you and make you get the hang of the whole pig husbandry, as you grow in performance and experience, you can increase the number of piglets.
This will secure you in case of initial failure, your loss will be minimal and you can always start again, you should never give up.

Seek a Veterinary Doctor for the Pigs

You may need the service of a veterinary doctor as your pig farm business start to pick up pace and take shape, he will serve as an advisory on for their vaccination, nutritional requirements and also for general checkup.
Pigs are non-ruminants and are omnivores, hence they may eat almost what humans eat, so you can always feed them from kitchen waste and the likes.

Farm Workers are needed for the Pig Farm

You will need the help of farm hands as your pig farm grows considerably in size and in income, you can employ just 3 persons including you.
This will ease up the farm duties like cleaning of the pigs’ and their pens, feeding, sorting, herding and other necessary activities in the farm.

Feeding Arrangement for Pigs

Like I stated before, Pigs are non-ruminants and are omnivores, hence they may eat almost what humans eat, so you can always feed them from kitchen waste and the likes.
The eat a wide variety of food and this brings us to the issue of feed formulation, the diet of the pigs must be balanced with the presence of the following: fiber, energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for them to survive and mature well.
Feed will take up more of the farm capital, but worry less, if you can nurture them to market and table size, the return on investment will blow your mind beyond expectations.
You must provide access to clean drinking water, keep it away from the wallow pit, as the pig may soon pollute it, so you need to always change the water frequently in a day.
You can try galvanizes drinkers or automatic drinkers for the pig, whichever you choose, you have to always monitor them.

If you need more information on starting your own pig farm business in Nigeria, you can comment below!

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