Tested and Proven Tips on Marketing Your Business and products in Nigeria

The idea behind selling either offline or online, is to make gains through marketing your business and products to a wide range of customers or ideally to a ready market with the ultimate aim of making sales and generating a flow of income.
In our daily life and businesses, we are faced with varying modifications and appearance of the marketing strategy various firms and individuals practice.
To say the truth, marketing your business and products is more important than the business itself, because without the proper awareness i.e. marketing your business and product, there will be no business.

Proven Tips on Marketing Your Business and products in Nigeria

There so much importance attached to marketing your business and products and it does not matter what line of business {be it fish farming or selling spare parts} you are into or what range of products {eBooks on weight or importation} you intend to sell, because it creates the necessary attention needed and it is the first step towards attracting your target customer base.
It is funny how people including you continue to pray for customers and yet you cannot indulge in simple marketing your business and products.
I wonder how you expect to make considerable gains or income, and this is one reason why businesses fold up on daily bases.
Marketing your business and products here, does not mean what you are taught in school but this are tips you learn in the University of Life.

Marketing your business and products and how I understand it

Marketing your business and products is actually the leverage and edge you give to your business so as to create an avenue where potential customers and clients can find you easily and without stress.
It should also involve the constructive and perfect combination of message to soften and mesmerize your target audience to part with cash to whatever business or service you are marketing.
Marketing your business and products is essentially trying to target and offer a wide range of possibilities, opportunities and awareness to your audience to draw their attention to all you have to offer.
Your audience is your target group and market and for them to accept you offer in its entirety, you must offer something that they crave immensely and willing to pay for.
In short, you should try to identify the one person who is your best prospect and then target your marketing messages to him or her.
After, you identify your prospects and where they seem to frequent and hang out, it is high time to unleash all the secret weapons in the book and they are all hinged on good communication skill, actually this is the bedrock to marketing your business and products.

Proven Tips on Marketing Your Business and products in Nigeria

Proven Tips on Marketing Your Business and products in Nigeria

Confirmed 5 Ways to Marketing Your Business and products


The methods to marketing your business and products I will discuss here may actually be familiar, but the difference here is that you are not doing it right.
The more reason why no matter what effort you have been putting into marketing your business and products, nothing seems to be working.

  1. The use of well written Sales and proposal letters

This is the oldest avenue to marketing your business and products, and to say the least, it is very effective. It has become unpopular overtime but its potency to attract customers has not dwindled in any bit.
The idea is to use a well written letter preferably in English and adding the most important details in bullet form to make it easy to scan through.
Take care to use limited colors and the fonts should be mild and not too heavy to the eyes.
The maximum size should be like a postcard and it should be distributed in places where people are converged, e.g. churches, mosques, schools for better coverage.
Do this and see the miracles of awareness by this simple method of marketing your business and products.

2. Banners, Posters and flyers are not outdated

Posters and fliers are still very much a good way to get to your target audience in the sense that everybody is always attracted by what they see and if it carries an enticing message, you are sure to call attention to yourself
Here it is not about how beautiful or wide your banner, post or flier looks, but the key still rests on the choice of words you use to disseminate your message.
Use proper message related to the service you intend to offer and be sure to get the proper response.

3. Newspaper adverts

Newspapers are produced daily and there is always opening for advertisers.
You can take advantage of this medium to reach out to your target audience and make considerable sales.
It is actually sincere to know that people nowadays buy newspapers just because they seek information and solutions to their varying problem, you might just be the person they are looking and have been waiting for all this while.
Take advantage of this avenue to marketing your business and products and it is worthwhile to know that there are also cheap packages too.
It’s up to you on what you want.


If your audience can be found online, then this avenues are for you and try to optimize them to the fullest.

  1. Online forums

Forums are actually online discussion boards where individual come to pour out there minds out, creating topics and discussions on matters that bothers them immensely.
This is actually where you come in and cash on there on their varying needs, the simple truth is that there is a topic already related to the product or service that you offer.
Marketing your business and products is even more easier when you create topics related to a problem and provide a subsequent solution, chances are you will find a market base already looking for a messiah, in this case, you.
My secret here is to try to create trust and value by not offering anything for sale at your first encounter but instead try to solve tangible problems to help build a relationship and this will make it easy for you to convince them to buy from you when the need arise.
Let us assume that you stumbled on a post where a person wishes to know institutions that offer scholarship abroad to Nigerians and you point such in the right direction, when you have a scholarship guide, tell me why he or she will not buy from you?
The idea is to try and find related forums around you, join them and start offering value to the members, you will be surprised that even without marketing your business and products, and they will be the ones ask if you have any for sale.
You can even start/create a forum related to your niche or the product or kind of business you are into, read this guide on how to do that.

2. Blogging

This is another form of marketing your business and products online that has come to stay and it has gained popularity on a very large scale.
A blog to me is like an online address for a business and it helps to further cement your authority, credibility and originality.
Also, if search engines like GOOOGLE and Bing rank you, you are sure to get immense traffic from round the world to your post about your business or product that you have for offer.
In short, if you have a business or product or business and you know that your target audience can be found online, it is advisable to start a blog now and start posting in it, I recommend WordPress as it is very easy to administer.

If you have any problem or question relating to starting your blog, you can hire us for a token by reaching us through the CONTACT US page.

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There are various other ways to marketing your business and products; email list, social network etc. more articles on them soon but for now, try and become a master of the above methods

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