Quality Or Quantity: Which is the most important in blogging?

Blogging for the first seems to trigger an increase in adrenaline hormone in most individuals today, and with the obvious prospect of the possibility of making a steady and substantial income from it, it is no longer surprising that now, everybody either wants to blog or own a blog and hire a blog caretaker.
The singular quest to trying to monetize a blog has led to a downward spiral of the general internet base and thus the art of blogging which is supposed to serve as an avenue for people to learn has been turned into a ridiculous venture whereby any garbage is found in almost all so called blogs so they can hurry to place AdSense codes all over the page and fulfil the singular vision of making money.
Due to this craze, the bulk of the blogging community only concentrate on one niche mostly entertainment because they are very lazy to source for and post original content.
But instead, they opt to use auto blogging tools to copy and paste contents all over the internet and it is not surprising to note that almost 60% of blogs today tend to have almost same content with little or no value to the reader and the entire blogosphere.

Quality Or Quantity: Which is the most important in blogging?

There is to me a very wide margin between quality and quantity, but it is painful today to see bloggers with a twisted ideology that quantity is the way forward and thus the lack of depth in the quality of whatever they have to offer in their chosen niche.
The issue of plagiarism is worse than piracy and stealing intellectual property of another person is a sign of a darkened conscience and is tantamount to committing a blogging murder.


There are so much reasons why you should put up original content, topping the reasons are {you can add others in the comment section too}.



It is good to know now that Google has taken stricter measures towards blogging malpractice and a high demand of original content alone is putting all bloggers on the edge.
Everybody wants to monetize there blog and AdSense provides a very easy way to that, but with a poor content or if you are guilty of plagiarism, you can never get an account and even if your already have a functional one, the probability of been banned is very high.
Have you ever asked yourself why you cannot get an AdSense account after applying so many times? The answer is in your blog content, YOU COPIED THEM ALL, and this makes Google see you as dubious and untrustworthy.


The high point of blogging is when a blogger is getting the necessary traffic, but just like a business venture, if you are offering adulterated and low quality content, no one will want to patronize you.
Have you wondered why your traffic is and earnings are reducing every day? That is because, you really have nothing of value to offer and thus your bounce rate will increase sporadically that when a person lands on your blog, they will not stay for up to 30seconds because there is nothing of value, worst case scenario, whatever you have as post, they have already come across it somewhere else.
Original content gives you sustained traffic and more persons will love to stick around and go through all your content because you are having a variety of original content they are yet to come across before.

Quality Or Quantity The Content Of Your Blog Matters

Quality Or Quantity The Content Of Your Blog Matters


Original content sets you aside from the bandwagon, but the truth is that coming across original content is almost impossible that the few bloggers who can actually take up this challenge have a very high online presence and are well recognized in their respective niche.
They are around you, that blogger you copy from has a higher influence and you might never get to his status.
Been original make people give reason and full belief to whatever you have to offer, and that is how they make their six figures income because they van also render service and sell products simply because they are seen as trustworthy all because of their originality.


Do a Google search on any subject, you see those sites on the first two pages?
They got there by just having original contents posted regularly on their blog and with a smart algorithm, google know that they have much value to offer so they dish them out first in search queries.
You want to lead in Google search but you are not confident in your ability to post original blog contents, Google will never index you, till you are strong-willed enough to give valuable content.


When you do your things right, you always will get this this sense of belonging and fulfillment. It only comes when you do your blogging right and are not guilty of shallowness just because you want to fill your blog with content.
Just know that any day and anywhere, QUALITY WILL ALWAYS DEFEAT QUANTITY.
For it is better to have just ten well researched and documented blog post than to have a thousand with no value at all.
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Take a new course and let us change the direction of the blogosphere, it begins with you…
I advocate for original and high value content, how about you?

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