Secrets Every Successful And Great Individual Will Never Tell You

Every one of us today is been controlled by a force which compels us to drive for success and greatness
In diverse fields, but it is nauseating today to realize that, even though we all have met the requirement to be whatever we envision, it is just a select few that have gone on to cross the Rubicon into wealth, greatness, success and even health.
It is very unhealthy to realize that every day, we keep hearing about the same individuals, in short you can even predict the news headline for the dailies and television tomorrow.
Annoyingly, nobody is just interested In breaking into the ranks, we seem very content with our “nobody” status, and we will still sit down and spend our golden time in arguing about this same people, who can get whatever they want by just flicking their fingers, then when it becomes dark, you lay on your bed and wonder why GOD seems not to know of your existence, when even you are yet to know if you exist or what your purpose is.
Before you saw this article, you should have read countless news about celebrities and some you even searched on your accord, and if you do not feel a pang of pain when you realize that the celebrity you are reading about is your age mate, a fellow man like you, then I tell you that there is a problem somewhere, now am not saying that showing love for their work is bad, but you should also create time to show love for your own work, so you will not depreciate with time.

Secrets Every Successful And Great Individual Will Never Tell You

Secrets Every Successful And Great Individual Will Never Tell You

Let me get you in the mood, please answer the following questions sincerely: Is it a bad idea when people read about you?

  • Those people you adore, have they got two heads? Why not also make yourself adorable.
    • We all have 24hours in common every day, what do you do with yours?
    • Are you ever bothered with your status or do you think that you can be better?
    • Have you ever wondered how significant you can be on earth, if only you get serious with that which you love doing?

I believe now, you will be sober, very good, because, whatever it is they have done, you can actually do way better. Analyzing some great people from their personal testimony, I got to know that what got them there is what you and I always overlook as nothing, if you do not mind knowing. Scroll down now…


Do not just do anything in life, you will just be aimless and hopeless, instead, do what you love best and are sure you are good at, it is then you can never be a failure. When you read the interviews of great persons or there biography, you will always come across these statements:
I love what am doing; it is my passion; I discovered I was so good at it; I failed a lot, but I knew it was what I was supposed to do: I felt I was made for this; … you just fill the others in and see if we are not saying the same thing.
The mistakes most of us make, and will always fall victim to, is trying to make MONEY, just from everything, my brother, you will definitely pollute your purpose. Do not think money when you are into doing activities that you are good at, instead work from your heart and let your joy and profits come from the smiles you can put on the faces of others, indirectly, you will get all you want.
I could have sold out this article for money for money, but I will spend it all someday. But putting it up here for you to read just free is not foolishness on my part as some people have made me understand. My profits are actually in the way I would have affected your life, the smiles on your faces now, and the fact that you will be indebted to me for life.

Do not despise your humble beginning, for you do not climb a tree from the branches, neither did you build your house from the roof

“When you are propelled by love, you do better and success becomes inevitable”


There is a reason, everyone one has got a shoe size, different names and faces, diverse personalities… it is because YOU ARE SO UNIQUE. Problem erupts when you try to be something or someone else aside YOU, you will be a total failure, because it is like fitting a square peg in a round hole, it would not fit.
Am not talking against having mentors or role models, but cutting your picture to fit their own frame is a totally wrong idea. They have their own story, so even though, they inspire you, never ever aspire to be them. Create a big picture of yourself and determine your own frame, work hard towards it and someday it will fit.
There is absolutely nothing on earth you want to do that another person have not tried doing or even succeeded in. so when you set out, do not even try to compare yourself to anybody, just do your work as best as you can carry it out.
Another error we commit is when we steal another person’s work and prototype, to make a name for ourselves, but In the real sense, you will only end up advertising them towards their own success, that is why I keep saying, do only the things you are good at so you will not be forced to follow the bandwagon in living under the shadow of another person just because you could not dare to be ORIGINAL.


The best and only true friend any person aiming for success will get are those who find joy and happiness in criticizing you and your work, they are the only ones who tell you the truth although in disguise and not without the price of envy, bitterness and strife, but it takes cool headedness to decode there messages which is aimed unknowingly to them to make you and your work better.
My personal test to know how successful a project will be sometimes is based on the amount of constructive criticism I receive, and it works a lot. Because, when a person spots you doing something different and awesome, they always try to discourage you because they could not do it, whereas in the light, they are scared of you becoming better than they are {And you are!}. Most critics are deep thinkers and they have a way of knowing how something might turn out to be, maybe successful or not.
Be warned, those who call themselves your real friend, will most times never tell you the truth even when it is obvious you are headed for self-destruct, they will only tell you what you will be so happy to hear and at the end you might never notice the shaky foundation, until your dreams collapse on you.
Do not say because you got criticized you want to give up, NO, it means you are been noticed for what you do, and it is left for you to decide if the criticism is constructive or destructive, then work from there.
If you give up on your dreams, another person will take it up from where you stopped, and they might even employ to help you complete theirs.

“If you do not get criticized for what you do, drop it now or check where you got it all wrong”

Do you know why you hear of those names a lot? They are so consistent in there doings that when you think of any field, their names pop up in your mind.
You can play the name game, think any career and see how effortlessly some names would just come to your mind. Now think how cool it will be too, to think of a career and have your name popping out too. Well that is where consistency comes in.
This is the factor that attaches your name to whatever it is you are doing, that I why artists keep releasing albums, footballers always want to score, authors bring books constantly…. So why should you stop working?
Making a name is not as easy as it sound, because when you start, you will become just another struggler in a saturated field, but as soon as you continue dishing out your work without reservations and continuously, that is when you will start getting your needed attention and heads will start turning to your directions.
You might really know what you are doing or might have a lot to offer, but as soon as you become inconsistent, you will just become an unknown and struggling figure in a pool of failed under achievers.
So try to always be better in your act, work as if you are the only one and continue to give out your best!
DISCLAIMER: there are many secrets and I will be revealing them under diverse themes, so if you do not want to miss out, you can follow me.
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