How to survive the Buhari recession in Nigeria (6 Tips that gets you more money)

“Madam, please give me a plate of rice, no meat”
“I am trying to reduce my cholesterol level” I explained why i don’t want meat
“Okay oga, make I put fish?”
“No worry” then I added “My family dey forbid fish, na our juju for village”
Pheww, that was close I thought, I am saving money, she is talking of fish.
She brought the food, but the area where the plate is visible is more than the area where the rice occupies
“Madam, this food is not complete”
“It is my son abi you dey count food?”
“If it is, am I also paying for the empty space too?”
“In short I am not eating again, the food too cost” I added
I took a long stride and off I am from that place, imagine giving me countable grains of rice to eat.
“Aboki, give me 4 cabin biscuit and pure water”
“Okay oga, but that one no be food kwa”
“Na wetin your brother cause, na CHANGE wey BUHARI PROMISE we dey suffer”
The country is on a downward spiral and things definitely have fallen apart and you know the worst part of all this, we the masses are the ones on the receiving end.
The lntro from above happens every day in Nigeria now as people are more concerned about saving money than even taking good care of themselves.
I will be unravelling some simple tips on how we can survive this menace I christened the BUHARI RECESSION.
Hunger is in the land and cost of living has gone on a very acute geometric rise while income is still crawling at a “fractional” progression.
If our economy was an animal, it can be likened to a dead snail, a knocked engine and no hope of it even moving yet.

How to survive the Buhari recession in Nigeria (6 Tips that gets you more money)

How to survive the Buhari recession in Nigeria (6 Tips that gets you more money)


Stop buying supplies in singles: either it is the groceries or tools, stop buying them in singles but buy in bulk and cash in on the discount or the possibility to haggle the price.
You save more by buying things like this because you can get a price reduction for bulk purchase.


You read the intro, while it will be the more stressful outlet and way out, it is also the more cost intensive if you cook your own food.
Here, you can minus some ingredient or even get creative and cook any type of low quality that you crosses your mind.


If you can do it, this is another smooth way to save some more money, this can only work if you stay alone or you have an understanding family.
While the food must be of great quality, you cannot afford to eat it all in a day, you have to warm some for the next day.


In case you do not know, you tend to burn fat and calories faster as you exercise and engage in labour, this fats are energy deposits that the body may find useful and you are letting them off for free.
You have to become a little more docile to save energy and maintain some body fat incase things get worse and you want to go into forced fasting caused by hunger.
But if your job requires labor, I am sorry, you may need to cover up from another aspect!


Yes, this is important, no matter how small you think you have, just remove a little and shut it up somewhere.
You have to learn how to save money now and cut out unnecessary expenses and this will help you through this period.
We still have a long way to go and you do not want to get caught up in a situation where you do not have fall back money.


You don’t want to keep up with your previous life of partying and blowing up cash with and on friends. You need friends that see the country from your perspective and ant to improve too.
No more party and no to friends that will influence your decisions in favor of extravagant spending and outings.
Learn to say no and mean it too, this is a trait you will need in this trying times of Buhari Recession.


If you really want to secure your wealth and have a steady flow of money, then you have to open or start a business that will be fetching you money on the side.
Stop languishing and waiting till month end before you can get a good life, start a business today and secure your monetary destiny.
For business ideas, i recommend the following posts:

This post may look to simple and funny  but it has an underlying message to you and you need to find the one that strikes a chord in you.
You have to survive this recession Nigeria is in today because no one knows when it will get better.

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