The Niche Concept: How it affects your blogging and online business

Blogging and internet business seems to be the rave of the moment, but the unlucky ones still get stuck at the start point because they have the notion that been versed in all the field is the secret.
The truth is you only need to be very versed in a particular area to save you so much stress and traumatic experiences of trying to blog about everything and make an income from all the avenues, which is almost not possible until you are more experienced.
This area we keep talking about is termed NICHE, apart from its biological meaning, it also has a very strong meaning in the blogging and online business parlance.
A niche could be termed as an area where one chooses to specialize on or an area where a person is well informed on, and thus can solve a lot of problems emanating from that aspect.

The Niche Concept: How it affects your blogging and online business

Making a choice of which niche to blog on is a heinous task on its own because demographic factors and other factors will come to play, factors like, who is your potential audience?
What location or country are you targeting or you might just take the easy way out by targeting a global audience.
The truth is that business varies with location and what is profitable and ideal in Nigeria is different from what is acceptable in the United Kingdom.
The importance of the niche should be over flogged because if you get your niche wrong, every other aspect of your online business and blogging goes wrong too.
It is worthy to note that not all niche are profitable, and even amongst the profitable ones, some are way more productive and fruitful than others, which is why this article is going to treat the issue of niche surgically, grab a coffee please.
As we broaden our knowledge on the niche concept.
NICHE is AN AREA OF SPECIALIZATION, this means that you have to blog and do business on a subject area you are well grounded in and thus it becomes your niche because as you are obviously versatile in the subject matter and can proffer ideal solutions.
If your website is about FARMING, then your niche is AGRICULTURE for whatever audience you choose to serve, in this case NIGERIA or any other country depending on your location.
In case you are still lost on how to decide your niche, let me take you on a smooth ride to deciding the perfect niche for you:

  1. Choose Your Passion

There is no level of popularity or how lucrative a niche will be that success will just come your way easily, the only secret is that you have to be passionate about the subject matter, but if the case is otherwise, then you can as well forget about making a living online.
Your choice of a niche should not be because your friends are making it there or because it is very popular, NO.
Let your choice be hinged on the passion you have on that subject area and the knowledge and experience you have under your belt to offer
Write out a scale of preference based on knowledge on things you are passionate about like: soccer, fashion, weight loss, dog care etc.
You might just find what you are looking for.

  1. Choose Your Expertise

Now that you have a list of things you are passionate about, which of them in particular are you a specialist in?, one that you seem to have a full understanding of and you can call yourself an expert in.
Put it in mind that it is a real business scenario and you will actually be rendering real solutions, so make sure you are very versed in it or you might cross your clients as untrustworthy.
Only choose the area where your competence is high and you are very comfortable that your delivery will be of high standard.
This will make your road to fame and wealth very smooth.

  1. Research Your Niche

Passion and versatility are not just enough, you also need to get a full grasps of the dynamics of the market.
This will have an effect on the keyword you will be writing on and the kind of solutions you will be offering.
Here are some pointers you should look out for your need to understand how that market performs and which keyword you should do business.

  • Product creation,
  • Competition density in the niche, and
  • Size of the niche

Products creation ease

You have to determine if there are products for sale on your niche or you can create your own product and also. Will it be profitable with high acceptance?

The Niche Concept: How it affects your blogging and online business

The Niche Concept: How it affects your blogging and online business

Competition density in the niche

You have to do an extensive research on the viability and ease of survival hinging on the level of competition and how long they have been grounded in the area.
If your competitors are very versed and popular in that niche, it is paramount to have a rethink, because making profits here will almost be impossible and meagre.

Size of the niche

Here you will have to use a tool like, Google keyword tools to gain full insight and understanding about the size and dynamics of your chosen niche (what is the monthly search rate of your chosen keyword) and the CPC value (how much advertisers are willing to pay for your niche keywords).
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If there are much people search in a month and there are more advertisers, then it is a profitable niche.
Use the comment box to join the discussion, your ideas too are needed and help on confusing areas will be rendered.

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