The struggles of the Nigerian Youth : Reflecting on Billion Naira Dream by Brymo

The song Billionaire Naira Dream by Brymo is a pure poetic work and its takes a refined mind to get its real content. But a great thinker see it all from another dimension.

“Oh times are changing, and all things remain the same” – Brymo

That is the first line in the foremost verse and It connotes more messages than some complete and overpriced book.

Times has really changed, but our seem to either be on a standstill or we are reversing to the era of dinosaurs.

“The air we are breathing, is enough for every one of us” – Brymo

This line relates to the laid back attitude of Nigerians, no one pushes for more, since we are all breathing, that seems enough already.

No one challenges the government, no one want to be in the line of fire. We all seem content and that is why we keep getting what the elites throw at us.

The struggles of the Nigerian Youth : Reflecting on Billion Naira Dream by Brymo

The struggles of the Nigerian Youth : Reflecting on Billion Naira Dream by Brymo

He spoke about a future that is near and things then get interesting, when he states that he is just telling stories in the songs he sings, because reality still seem very far fetched.

The average Nigeria youth today is handicapped in almost all facet of life. All he can do is to dream big, all he has is his billion naira dream and a hope of a better tomorrow that never arrives.

“I am a man with many faces and my life is in many phases.

I crawl when I am running, I am cold when I am burning up.

Help me remember myself, I am lost in the man I become” – Brymo

The above ushers in the second verse and it describes a struggling youth with big dreams and ambitions but nothing to show forth.

The struggles of the Nigerian Youth : Reflecting on Billion Naira Dream by Brymo

A man that has changed like weather, his life is chameleonic as he tries to adapt to an unstable condition in an unstable and ever dynamic country.

He goes to school and he serves his nation in the NYSC, but who will serve him.

>>> After NYSC what is next? – Dilemma of a Nigerian youth <<<

He is a lost man and cannot place his root no more, He is Nigeria but he is journeying through the deserts at Libya with the hope of getting to Italy, hoping to get to Germany someday and start anew.

A lot holds him back, he is running very fast but not even faster than a crawling snail, his emotions are diluted and his focus is shattered.

He is sweating under no imminent struggle all because he has lost his sense of direction, he is navigating a country with no clear path and the visible ones leads nowhere.

He is Nigerian but his country is a stingy boss and now he has become a militant, a robber, an illegal immigrant … he is just not himself no more.

The youths need to take charge and stop playing second fiddle to politicians who are supposed to be on retirement from civil service.

Let’s march to redemption and emancipate ourselves from societal and mental enchantments.

Nigeria Youths it is time to rise AGAIN!

Precious Iriaevho


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