Tomorrow never comes: The future of Nigeria in shackles and Bondage!

“I was called the leader of tomorrow, but obviously tomorrow will never come. My country’s president was my grand-father’s military head of the state, now I am forced to ask if we are progressing or running in an endless circle”

– Precious IRIAEVHO –

My country is on a downward spiral, like a well formed rock rolling down the sides of the Mountain Kilimanjaro, nothing to reduce or even halts its gain of momentum. It goes faster cutting through air like hot knife through butter…
The end is predictable, the once well-formed rock will crash with great force at the mountain base and shatter into so many pieces and it shall not come together, the fragments a reminder of what was once beautiful and great to behold.
My country can be likened to a well fed Zebu cow who believed so much in its abilities and has chosen to entertain the famished King Lion with a highbrow atilogu dance step, one is forced to wonder who is beating the Bata drum, it is clear its end is imminent.
I am the youth, the prophesied future and heir apparent to the country, the one to lead the country to the Promised Land where the grasses are green, and flow with milk and honey.
But every time I seek to mature, every time my buds grows out to seek the sunshine and taste redemption, the wicked gardener nips it, he does this always and now I have not grown in stature or strength and my value diminishes like a burning ember left to the element, I am now a shadow of my fore-seen future.

Tomorrow never comes: The future of Nigeria in shackles

Tomorrow never comes: The future of Nigeria in shackles

Nigeria’s future is in shackles and the youth have become willing and voluntary prisoner, by self-will, we have taken the long walk to the gallows and with our own hands, fixed the hangman’s noose round our own neck and even yet as the chair is pulled from underneath our feet, yet as the cord squeezes life from use, our smile is evident.
Our docility is worse than that of a dead lion, we have chosen to sit as spectators while ailing and vision-less leader who have lost the elixir for growth and progress decides and champion the course of our country.
Our destiny is been decided, but we have found solace at the backseat. Content with the crumbs and gravy that finds its way to us, and even if it does not, we see it as normal.
We are the giants that embody the nation, our blood should be its life’s force. Let us awaken the giant in, let’s heighten our senses and rise against the machinations of the wicked, against those putting our future for sale and on lock-down.
Let’s break the shackles of yesteryear and backwardness, lets present tomorrow with an enticing platform to launch.

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Let’s us take charge, because no one can shave a man’s beard on his behalf and in his absence.
Let the voiceless be heard,
Let the downtrodden arise,
Let the fearful find strength,
Let panic give way to boldness …
Let us free the truth …



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