Top Football Betting Sites in Nigeria and their respective Web Addresses

The aim of this post is to provide information on all the football betting sites in Nigeria. They also have a plethora of other sports you can choose from but we are talking FOOTBALL SPORTS BETTING TODAY.
In one of our post on making money online through sports betting, we talked about the huge amount of money that you can exploit from here if you really know what you are doing.
With the increase in bookmakers off recent in Nigeria, sports trading and betting has become a revelation to a lot on Nigerians as another avenue to make money online.
You cannot just go on any football sports betting sites and think that all will be rosy, there have been incidents of no payouts and even odds deduction, and so we came up with this list to help you out.
I am not in any way endorsing any of the sports betting sites listed here and like I stated before, it is only for information basis only, you are at your own risk.
This is an unlikely source to make money and it is left for risk takers and punters to decide what soothes them best.


This first list is comprising of the most popular, most visited, most used and most talked about football betting sites in Nigeria.
They are not listed in any particular order but based on how I remember them and how soon I got information regarding them.
You can do a research for more betting sites and add them to your own swipe file of choice betting site


These are even more football betting sites in Nigeria, if there is any not supposed to be on the list, please let us know.

If there are other football betting sites in Nigeria that you know off, and is not listed above, you can bring my attention to it and it will be included immediately.
If any of the site is no longer functional or not catering well to its customers, just name the site and we will also take it down, we want the best for all NIGERIANS!
All the football betting sites in Nigeria listed above are off the same quality and if not more than some international betting sites and the offer all international games and also our very own NIGERIAN PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE TEAMS.
You have to read and understand the terms and conditions of any of the football betting sites that you are interested in, so as to prevent casualty from mis-information.
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