7 Important Traits every individual must cultivate to achieve success!

Every individual has grown overtime with the innate drive to excel exceedingly, but still success still seem afar off, not because we are not trying our best, but the truth is that our best is just not good enough.
One truth about been a success is that the best in you can never be seen unless you can stand on your own and give full expression to your special abilities, hence the need for the entrepreneurial skill to manifest or better put, the need to be an ENTREPRENEUR {you can make dubious success though under another man, albeit illegally}.
An entrepreneur is a man that see the need and take the lead by offering solutions to problem that once seem to others insurmountable.
We have example around us like Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Slim Carlos, Mark zuckergerg, Amancio Ortega, Ingvar Kamprad, Larry Elison, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and other well accomplished entrepreneurs of today.

Traits every individual must cultivate to achieve success!

Traits every individual must cultivate to achieve success!

7 Important Traits every individual must cultivate to achieve success!

As I read widely and observe the lives of entrepreneurs who are evidently successful in different areas of business, I have seen that the following eight qualities are what anyone seeking to rise to greatness as an entrepreneur, need to possess.
These qualities are inter-woven in each other because the successes of entrepreneurs who are celebrated all over the world today can be attributed to some solid qualities which all of them have. They include;

  1.  Be Goal-Driven

A goal is a destination you strive to reach. Having a goal and pursuing it limits a person’s life to only the very necessary things he has to focus on. A goal gives birth to focus.
Many people are doing something and aspiring to succeed; but, not all of them are driven by a goal they want to achieve. Some have a goal but are not fixed at it.
If you desire to someday become one of the worlds most celebrated entrepreneurs of your time, you cannot live a life short of pursuing a goal with undivided interest.
Do you have a goal? Are you goal-driven?

2. Be Smart And Work Hard

I was going to say be hardworking, but damn, the truck pushers and laborers would have been riding the latest cars in town, the thin line that divides is SMARTNESS.
It is easy to say you have a goal. It could even be easy to say you are goal-driven.
However, the quality of hard work is no cheap thing to find in just any person but add it to smartness, brilliance or intelligence and you will have a man ready to conquer the world again.
Hard work and smartness that pays, entails more mental than physical work, which might culminate in the ability to use others achieve a common goal.
It is about engaging one’s brain to deep contemplative and productive thinking.

3. Be Visionary and focused

Vision having a foresight something yet to manifest and vision is being able to fix your mind on something regardless of any other distraction. Mix that up, you get an unbreakable mindset.
To be visionary and focused as an entrepreneur is to build a mental picture of where you want to get at the end of your journey, and setting your heart strongly at it without being distracted by any other thing no matter how attractive it may appear.
Today, with the so many upcoming business opportunities, many people who are in to business find it difficult to stay focused on their dreams.
They are so carried by any viable opportunity they come across, such that they hardly attain success in anything. They end up as mediocre, for the most.
Pick up something you are passionate about and pursue it without being distracted till you get to the end.
However, know the difference between being focused and being unrealistic. Some things will only waste your energy and resource, if you stay focused on them, like trying to win 10 million naira with 100 naira on sports betting.

4. Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline is a quality that is hard to build but when built, makes a whole difference. It is self-discipline that makes a person set a limit of personal expenditure and keep to it.
It is self-discipline that causes a person to wake up every 5 am in order to spend quality time on his goals.
It is self-discipline that makes a person to resist the temptation to spend all his time socializing on Facebook, and go ahead to face business.
It is self-discipline that makes one to switch off an unproductive conversation, and get to work.
Very few people are self-disciplined; and when you come across people who have this quality, the difference in everything they do, is quite clear.
What is that habit that you have been struggling with so long?
Your problem is lack of self-discipline. You will not succeed or amount to much in business without this quality.

5. Be Persistent

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and failed in his first business attempt; Thomas Edison had more than 1000 light bulb attempts before succeeding, Ben Franklin was a school dropout at 10, you can count on.
Today, we can use them as our icons of success. Persistence made the difference.
To persist has to do with resisting the temptation to give up. Whenever we are on the road to success, we come across speed breaks called failures.
A good number of persons stop at one speed break or the other and that becomes the end.
Failure is not an uncommon word for successful entrepreneurs.
It is the only food that both they are those who end up as failures, have eaten in common.
The difference is that those who end up succeeding have refused to stop at failure due to the quality of persistence in them.

6. Be Humble

It may surprise you that I say that in order to succeed a person needs to have this rare quality of humility.
The reasons are many.
Proud people are not quick to admit their mistakes, acknowledge others, learn from others, attribute their success to their team, and worst of all, to ask for assistance when they need it.
It takes a humble person to do all these and whenever a person has these in him, success will not be a difficult thing to achieve.
Humility is a quality that attracts the best things of life Humility will build a wonderful relationship between you and your  workers as well as customers, and that will bring you mush success.
Build humility as an entrepreneur and see how it attracts success.

  1. Be Responsible

Many people keep failing because they are not worthy of responsibilities.
Instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes and failures, and working on them, they blame others.
They attribute all the success to their efforts and all the failures, to others.
A big step to success is to be able to take responsibility for the outcomes of all you do.
You may succeed to make excuses for your mistakes and throw blames at others, but you will only end up failing.
Take charge over your business; take responsibility.
Whenever you fail, don’t look at someone else. Look at the mirror and see who is responsible. Your success begins from there.

8. Get hungry for more success

Show me a man that is content of his present state and I will show you a man that can never be a success.
When you see a man who is hardly satisfied, a man who always want more, a man who does not celebrate mediocrity and a man who is hardly pleased in his achievement, you have seen a man who is hungry.
Such hunger will always birth success.
Successful entrepreneurs have this quality. They are never full. It may surprise you that when
Bill Gates was first named the richest man in the world, he was asked what his greatest desire was and he said, “My greatest desire right now is to make one more dollar”.
The richest people in the world are the ones who crave to make more money, far more than those who have nothing.
Their craving for more, contributes a great deal too why they keep having more.
When you lose your hunger for more as an entrepreneur for whatever reason, you stop succeeding.
What do you think? Your feedback is most important to us.
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