6 Easiest Ways to Travel Abroad From Nigeria Fast and achieve your dreams!

Everyone wants to travel abroad from Nigeria, but we cannot really blame them.
The condition of the country today is nothing to write home about and one of the ways to change your fortune and set your life right is by traveling out of the country, some even believe that by just going abroad, everything will be fine
I don’t care what you think or how you see the country, but if you aim is to travel abroad from Nigeria, then look no further, this post will help you out
Forget all the visa frustrations and all the added challenges, follow the tips below and you may be smiling soon in Europe, Asia even America.

The Tips Below Have Helped Many People and It Will Surely Help You Too

This tips are just pointers for you as you find how to travel abroad, but ensure to carryout further research on your own.

Get Married To Someone Who stays Abroad.

Getting married to someone abroad is one way of leaving the country. Previous, some evil ones have been exploiting this by staging fake marriage but you can get someone legit to love you.
You can search on face for single male and females’ abroad who may be interested in you and you can strike a relationship from there.
Please do not hurt anyone just because you want to travel abroad and be careful not to engage in scam and sham marriage as the authorities will be on your neck soon.

Search for and Attend a Conference Abroad

Attending a conference is another way of experiencing life outside the shores of this country.
You can travel abroad to attend conferences and it is easier to get your visa so far your documents are correct.
There are so much conference going on daily in countries like Canada, USA and the UK, all you have to do is to search for them and request an invitation
You can also search through google or ask those around you who have traveled out for conferences before.

Represent Nigeria Officially in an Event Abroad

You can also travel abroad from Nigeria, if you know or are related to a top government official, you can inquire on representation that the country needs abroad.
Most times, you have to be a sports person too for this opportunity to come your way.
You can start by reaching out to the government officials close to you.

Studying abroad has proved to be the easiest and fastest way to go abroad from Nigeria.
If you have a degree, you can search for schools in the UK, Canada, USA and any country of your choice and if you have a good GP and meet all the requirements, you can get admitted for a master’s degree even on scholarship.
If you are just a high school graduate, you can also apply for graduate scholarships and admission.
Whichever the case, if you can sponsor yourself, then good.

Apply For Permanent Residence Document On Your Own to stay abroad

You can actually apply for a permit residency abroad on your own, all you need is a really good degree and great job or source of income
You can try out Canada and apply for a residency, it may take up to a year but it is worth the wait. Visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/apply.asp for more

Use Other’s Document to travel abroad

I have heard of people using documents belonging to others to process there facilitate their dream of traveling abroad from Nigeria.
I don’t advice this though, as the immigration law and security are more tighter now and if you get found out, you may as well kiss your traveling abroad dream good bye.
I wish you good luck on your journey abroad!

So how did you travel abroad? why not comment below and ask your questions too

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