Understanding Job Interviews and all its successful techniques to get you a Job

Job interviews are opportunities for both potential employers and expectant employees to meet and discover themselves and the suitability to work together.
This is after you must have sent in a great CV/Resume and a convincing cover letter.
The most important thing here is to highlight the needed skills and principles that can make you win job interviews.



This type of interview allows you the maximum amount of freedom to express yourself and also in determining the course if the discussion.
Here, the interviewer refrains from influencing the applicant’s remarks.
This method is characterized by the interviewer calm demeanor where he listens carefully, not arguing, avoiding sharp questions and not interrupting or changing the subject abruptly and suddenly.


This goes a step beyond the non-directive interview by giving additional structure in the form of questions that covers differently areas of your life that are related to the job.
You are expected to answer each questions, this will make the interviewer obtain a sufficient information for making a critical evaluation concerning you.


This is highly structured interview type which follows through a high detailed questions on specific prepared form.
The questions in this form may be include personal data, work history and other relevant information.
The interviewer may want to know how much of the organization you know, through which your level of interest may be decided and known.


A telephone interview can be part of your experience during the job search. This may be screening interview of final interview.
It could be a tool an employer may employ in culling out some candidates, so it is advisable to consider the telephone interview as a serious opportunity to present yourself to the employer.


Consulting and investment firms use the case study interview to ascertain your ability to logically analyze a business problem and to walk through it methodically and correctly.
The recruiter does not want you to give a specific answer, they are just assessing your approach to the problem and the skills you use in reaching your conclusion.


  • Analytical skill
  • Organizational skill
  • Presentation skill
  • Communication skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Confidence level
  • Intelligence level
  • Flexibility
  • Quantitative reasoning.

Successful job interview techniques and practice to maintain

Your level of preparedness before a job interview will determine the level of your performance.
Good preparation gives good performance, when you are exceptional during the job interview, then you will surely get the job in most scenario and situation.
There are 3 major areas you need to focus on to perform successfully during the interview

Understanding Job Interviews and all its successful techniques to get you a Job

Understanding Job Interviews and all its successful techniques to get you a Job


Most failure in interview are as a result of inadequate preparation before the interview date.
You need to put in a lot of effort if you are going to beat the competition that came for the same job interview.
You need to convince the employer that you are the best candidate, hence you need to focus on the following:
Make proper research about the job and the company you intend to work with. Find out about their products and services, visions, missions and core values.
Make research about yourself. Find out your skills, competencies, and talents that suits the position that you are interviewing on.
Package all your credentials and be critically prepared with possible answers to anticipated questions.
Do strategic preparations and rehearsals; find someone to interview you before the D-day, especially if you have not mastered how to be confident during interviews.


You need to be at your very best to succeed during the period of the interview, the quality of your preparation can affect your overall performance by having direct effect on your confidence level, self-assurance and self-esteem.
You need to show practically how your skills, experience and knowledge can be utilized to fill the position.
You need to communicate effectively and market yourself well to the prospective employers.
Your body language must be great. Having poor or negative body language can hinder you from performing well and convincing the interview properly.
You must be bold and courageous, avoiding every form of fear.


You must thank and appreciate the interviewer for taking out time to invite and interview you.
Reiterate your passion and interest to secure the job you were just interviewed for.
Do not forget to send a thank you note.
Keep in contact with the prospective employer
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