What business can I do in Nigeria? –20 Latest Business Ideas in Nigeria to make money

You are here because you are asking What business can I do in Nigeria? and searching for business ideas in Nigeria and possibly how to earn more money into your purse.
The Nigerian population is ever increasing and that already is a ready market for whatever you have to offer, only if you can offer it to them like a business person.
The opportunity to make money are limitless and sometimes, what is holding you back is YOU!
Are you still worried and you want to know the hot business ideas in Nigeria and you are wondering, what business can i do in Nigeria with little capital, with one million naira, to make money and whether it will be profitable.
Then read further …

What business can I do in Nigeria? – 20 Latest Business Ideas in Nigeria

I present to you, 20 latest business ideas in Nigeria that will answer your grand question, WHAT BUSINESS CAN I DO IN NIGERIA:

  1. Agricultural business

Agriculture definitely has to top the list, this is the sector where millionaires are currently being made in Nigeria, and you should not be left out.
This is a sector that we have all neglected since the advent of oil, but it’s good to know that once again, agriculture is becoming mainstay.
In case you don’t know, the oil wells are drying up and this is our only fall back with vast arable land and the manpower, it is only surprising that we are yet to fully harness agriculture.
Below are some of the agriculture branch you may want to try your hands on, it’s great to start from somewhere and it is through the following farming business in Nigeria:

  • Poultry Farming
  • Cassava Production
  • Snail Rearing
  • Rice Farming

2. Furniture Business

The idea here is to start a business on buying and selling locally made furniture.
All you have to do is to arrange with a trusted carpenter who will act as your supplier and manufacturer.
You will have to rent a space as a showroom and if you get bigger, you can even start to import from abroad down to Nigeria.

3. Fruit Juice making business

Ever drank 5 alive, la casera and the likes? Chance is that you drank a fruit juice.
Companies like chivita are banking on this big time, so I wonder why you should be left out of the party.
This business may require a lot of capital but you can always start small with just a blender and a few thirsty individuals.

4. Pure Water Production business

Pure water in Nigeria is arguably one of the cheapest, accessible and most common commodity in Nigeria.
The popularity is beyond measure and there is a ready market of very thirsty Nigerian who are ready to patronize you.
While it is capital intensive but like every other business, you can always start small and mage it well like a true professional.

5. Importation of Spare Parts Business

I wonder what those siblings and family of ours abroad are doing just sending irrelevant stuff.
If you are in the USA or Germany, you had better up your game and start to ship in spare parts in to the country; Nigeria.
There is a huge market for all that here, you will understand better when you meet your mechanic again and he wants to change your car tire.

6. Property investment business

You know what appreciates every day? Did you say PROPERTY, you are a genius.
Property are so great to own and if it is a landed property, then you are sure sitting on gold mine.
Lagos alone is thriving with this business, what if you purchase land somewhere else and wait for two years before putting up for sale?
I just heard your “heart beta money” oh yeah, that will be lots of money my friend.
You can always buy and resale or buy and wait for years to elapse so it can appreciate before you sale, either way, you are gaining.

7. Dry Cleaning business

Who else find it hard to keep to their laundry schedule like me?
Professional dry cleaner who are cheap and affordable are so scarce in Nigeria, and the few floating around are mediocre who can’t even put their own clothes in perspective.
This is a great money spinner, you just have to reinvent the wheels and see how the wheel will spin money to you.
Lest I forget, cleanliness is next to Godliness!

8. Professional Car Wash business

Who else gets mad at the number of dusty and dirty cars plying the Nigerian roads daily?
What about setting up a professional car wash in a strategic location so all the drivers with the dirty and dusty cars get to see you daily, one day they will be so shy that they will just have to zoom in and say
“Hey man, wash my car, what’s the charge?”

9. Building Material Business

I keep seeing new houses every day and I wonder how much those contractors will be raking in from the sales of building materials, my heart answered saying “LOTS OF MONEY”.
Why not invest in building materials and become the next point of call when theat new guy wants to erect his mansion.
People are making money here, so forget about those still complaining.


What business can I do in Nigeria? –20 Latest Business Ideas in Nigeria to make money

What business can I do in Nigeria? –20 Latest Business Ideas in Nigeria to make money

10. Transportation Business

Transport companies everywhere and yet we are just managing them because they owned by touts and miscreants.
Invest in a good management and get great drivers for your buses, then you will see the opportunities that have been staring at you from the road.

11. Oil and Gas Business

Oil deposit in Nigeria has being a blessing and also a curse, depending on which side of the divide you are on.
You can own a petrol filling station, start a supplying business of diesel or even distribution of kerosene.
A lot of big players are cashing it big here and I wonder what or who you are waiting for when even foreigners are having their share of the Nigerian oil boom.
Petroleum product marketing is seriously going to make you a millionaire.

12. Haulage Services Business

Transporting of products has got better in Nigeria but there are limited or very few players and you can join the big boys.
The cost of taking a good laden truck from a location in Nigeria to another is between 100,000 to as much as 400,000 depending on the goods being transported and the risk involved.
The rail system is very under-developed so the only way left for goods transport is through the road.
Petroleum product haulage alone is a huge money maker, and you can also help importers in moving goods from the wharf to their warehouse.
Your choice depends on you.

13. Hotel and hospitality Business

Tel me who does not love to lodge in a great hotel where you will be well taken catered for?
This is a cool money making avenue and all you may really need is a building with at least 5 rooms for a start.
You can locate it close to a tourist center or a relaxation center, an average Nigerian as a happy-go-lucky person and they fancy the good life.

14. Fast Food or Eatery business

Yum Yum Yum, is the sound you make when you chew and yummy is the sound you make when the food tastes so good and great.
Eatery business is a gold pot waiting for you to come grab it, but a good management is needed, you know “a hungry manager gives an empty restaurant”
While it is capital intensive, you also need the best hands to be ion deck and if you get everything right, you will be “tasting” money soonest.

15. School Business

Where I reside alone, there are more schools than residential houses or any type of building, you know why? THEY ARE MAKING LOADS OF MONEY.
Do you know how much it costs to just send a kid to kindergarten this days, now imaging you are the one receiving that amount as school fees multiplied by a whole lot of students.
You will be spinning money easily, so far you can get government approved, invest money to get the best staff and building.

16. Exporting Business

Exporting of raw material will always be a darling business, you are putting the country on top and are also earning FOREX in a cool way.
It will always be a darling business and it is important you get started.
You can export agricultural produce, clothing … just about anything so far it is legal.
Our country, Nigeria, exports crude oil.

17. Online Advertising Business

The Nigerian online population is increasing exponentially and geometrically, thousands of business are having their presence online now to put their products in the view of millions of Nigeria online in respective communities.
You can be the messenger of good news by setting up your own online advertising agency and make millions from brands who want to reach their market or sales goals by advertising.

18. Fashion Business

The people of Nigeria are definitely among the most fashionable and trendiest individual on earth. How do I know that? Because I am NIGERIAN!
Fashion designers are becoming millionaires and fashion houses are making overkill from sales, especially from the fashion trends and craze hat the entertainment industry keeps dishing out.
You can latch on a fashion trend and create a brand, the next thing will be the influx of cash!

19. Media And Show Business

Nigeria has one of the largest entertainment base in Africa and this is because the people love entertainment, and having so many great artistes, the reason is not far-fetched.
If you can successfully pull up a show in Nigeria and invite some artistes over to perform, you will be employing the services of bouncers and security soonest because your ticket sales will go overboard.

20. Internet Business

Everything in life is going online now and if your business is not online, you may be out of business before you know it.
You don’t need to be a geek to exploit this avenue, just the zeal to succeed and an idea to pursue, in a short while you will be sunbathing with money
Stop asking what business can I do in Nigeria?  And key in to the business ideas in Nigeria that we have given above.
Do not worry, more are on the way and if you need clarification on any of the business ideas, just COMMENT BELOW!

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