What is the content of each section and components in a standard CV/RESUME?

A basic standard CV/RESUME has two sections like we discussed in this post and this is a more elaborate post on what each section of the CV contains.
Follow this format and you may never worry about writing a great CV or Resume anymore.

What is the content of each section and components in a standard CV/RESUME?


The heading is the first section to be seen in the CV. It should be written to call the reader’s attention.
Your name should be boldly written in capital and bold letters followed by your home address (which must be traceable), email address (must be standard), phone numbers and website if any.
Please, do not title the document, CURRICULUM VITAE, they already know that.


This is your personal profile. It gives your career definition and direction.
Just as various adverts are to some specific audience, so should your career objective be to specific job opening or specific organization.
It should not be self-centered but employer-centered.
Let your career objective captivate their interest by showing your interest and relevance to the job or position in question.


Here you have to outline your skills and they should be relevant to the Job.
Some job require specific skills and if stated properly can entice the employer.

  • Good communication skill.
  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision.
  • Creative and innovative skills.
  • Logical and analytic thinking skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Team playing skills.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Results-oriented and target driven.
  • Ability to manage people and resources.
  • Can do spirit.
  • Leadership skills.
What is the content of each section and components in a standard CV/RESUME?

What is the content of each section and components in a standard CV/RESUME?


This should be written in reverse in chronological order. The most recent degree first while others follow. Any degree yet to be completed can also be added but with the phrase “in view”.
B.Sc. Business. Admin.
Second Class Upper Division
University of Benin
Include SSCE, FSLC in that order.


List all aspect of computer training that you have acquired. Say how good or excellent you are in the different computer packages and how you can apply them as skills to the job’s advancement.


This section of your CV should show a list of what you believe are your greatest career accomplishments.
List all of your achievements, skills and knowledge to add value to the general attractiveness of your CV format.
“Developed payroll application and thus reduced salary payment errors by 70%”


This section of your CV must be written from the most recent. The positions, company, address and duties performed should be listed expressly.
Include other experiences, paid or not that has helped to sharpen your skills and abilities. It could be internship, industrial training, training and workshops, volunteer and social jobs, community development services, NYSC etc.


List all the professional qualifications you have acquired and membership group you belong to.
E.g. Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)


List any or all of your publications you have, they can give you an intellectual edge.


List at least three 3 hobbies related to the job


Write at least 3 persons or simply write “available on request”
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