Which college has the most students? List of the most populous University

You really want to know which college has the most students population. Then we have compiled a table to show you just that.

You may be interested in attending a big college, but just how big are you thinking? Some schools have over 40,000 undergraduates, making them the size of a small city.

Someone once mentioned the colleges with the most students are more interesting and fun to attend, I don’t know that and I will love your opinion.

These schools can provide great opportunities to students, but they may be a little overwhelming.

In this article I’ll give you a list of the biggest colleges for undergraduates in the US along with student feedback about what it’s really like to be a part of such a large college community.

Which college has the most students? List of the most populous colleges

Which college has the most students? List of the most populous colleges

Which college has the most students? List of the most populous colleges

Still interested in which college has the most students? Find below the List of the most populous colleges

College Undergraduate Enrollment
University of Central Florida 51,269
Ohio State University – Columbus 45,289
Texas A&M University 44,315
Penn State University 40,541
UT Austin 39,979
Florida International University 39,045
Arizona State University – Tempe 38,735
Michigan State University 37,988
Texas State University 33,504
University of Florida 32,043
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 31,118
Indiana University – Bloomington 30,949
University of South Florida 30,239
Rutgers University 30,038
Iowa State University 30,034
Purdue University 29,360
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities 29,125
Florida State University 28,733
University of Arizona 28,210
University of Wisconsin 26,228
UCLA 27,365
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 27,046
University of Washington 26,228
California State University – Fullerton 26,079
California State University – Long Beach 25,932
California State University – Northridge 25,641
University of Alabama 25,430
University of Missouri 25,178
University of California – Davis 25,056
University of California – Berkeley 25,018

The table above is in reply to the question, which college have the most students population

Which Private Colleges has the most students in the US

College Undergraduate Enrollment
Brigham Young University 30,409
New York University 21,646
Northeastern University 18,579
University of Southern California 17,112
Boston University 16,624
DePaul University 15,801



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