Why Agriculture is the Biggest Deal Now in Nigeria and the World

Agriculture which includes farming in Nigeria and anywhere in the world is man’s natural occupation because on a daily basis, all agricultural produce are been put to full use, either as food, decorations, medicine etc.
This alone is a pointer that no economy, individual or nation can do without agriculture, in short agriculture and farming is the bedrock of science and mainstay of life in general.
Farming in our great nation Nigeria has taken a very profitable turn, with a lot of diversification and the fact that it is setting up daring challenges for our entrepreneurs which in turn creates employment opportunities by engaging the teeming young graduates from our educational sector.
Millions are been made continuously in Nigeria from the agricultural sector and it is good to know that it also holds a high ranking in the hearts of ordinary Nigerians especially when compared to sectors like oil and gas, mining etc.
There is no gainsaying to the fact that the farming sector is very ripe and ready to be plucked and with a very flexible government policies which are tailored to maintain continuous interest of the populace in growing there nation’s economy, it is ideal to know that they {government} are showing increased interest and there is now much value placed on that sector.
Much now is been expected and with the incessant crime rate due to unemployment and starvation that has besiege most African countries not Nigeria alone, it is good to know that the agriculture sector can serve as a source of succor.

Why Agriculture is the Biggest Deal Now in Nigeria and the World

There are so many golden reasons why the agricultural sector is the next gold mine in Africa as a whole, and using Nigeria as the case study, I will shed light on my top 5 reasons why you should be getting your hands dirty in an agricultural field.
Below are my argument for the reasons why you should take a dive into agriculture or farming, whichever suits you best.

My top 5 Reasons to venture into the agricultural sector


The Nigerian population alone which totals at over 150 million persons, which is greater than the population of south Africa, Lesotho or Zimbabwe even when combined is already a high point to any prospective farmer.
The fact that the bulk of this population relies on staple food which are gotten from the insufficient farmlands scattered across it large land expanse to cater for their daily food requirements and source of livelihood only gives more credit to the fact that there is already a large and unexploited market base that is ready to be plucked and reaped.
Equipping yourself with the knowledge that over 70% of Nigerian get there food from the agricultural market is enough reason why you should invest in the agricultural sector today.
Millions of people are just waiting on you to serve them


Nigeria total Land area is approximately 910,770 sq. km when measured and that is not giving a full account of uncharted land area due to inability to reach them and the terrain in such regions.
Nigerian is blessed with a very large land expanse and most of it is very fertile for arable farming, but the sad part is that the most part of it is yet to be used for anything substantial and income generating so far.

Why Agriculture is the Biggest Deal Now in Nigeria and the World

Why Agriculture is the Biggest Deal Now in Nigeria and the World

With over 60% of that total land area up for grabs to be turned into a live saving resource like a farmland that caters for the well-being of the average Nigerian, it will be a sorry state to still know that you are still not pondering on how you can turn it into a farming franchise and secure your future and generations.


Government through the ministry of agriculture are not resting on their oars to make sure that they drive in more persons to the agricultural sectors and to those already there, they are doing so well by offering subsidies on most of the machinery and equipment needed for the them carryout there farming business without hitch and worry.
Subsidies on the purchase of farm machinery like tractors, harrows, fertilizers etc. provision of loan facilities through the agricultural development bank and even provision of extension services and hybrid seeds, I wonder what other motivations you need to take up there offer and gain wealth almost freely.


The Nigeria agricultural market is a very lucrative and profitable one, because Nigerians are known for their high spending power and the fact that an average Nigerian will always want to pay with cash for any transaction made even makes the prospect of becoming a farmer more appealing
Nigerians are merry maker and there are always occasions every weekend in the country and talk of living well, a Nigerian will never joke with his health and directly never jokes with the prospect of eating good food always, and they are always eager to buy.
Knowing fully well that every human survives with food, I think you are getting more convinced now on why that sector is waiting just for you to explore.


Nigerian is yet to achieve its capacity as a world power and it is sweet to know that it is the agricultural sector that will take Nigeria to that height.
The prospect of farming are endless and soon it will overtake crude oil as our main source of revenue and in the long run, the naira will even appreciate than its other currency contemporaries like the dollars, euros and even pounds.
And at that stage, the farmers will hold the key to the economy and they will be the ones to call the shots.
I believe you do not want to be left out of such mouthwatering prospect and thus why not take the necessary action today.
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The prospect that farming holds are so high and it is only a shallow thinking individual that will be in doubt or question the honest reason behind this article, we are going to a stage where if you do not have a farmland then you might not even have food to eat.
As usual, over to you in the comment box, are your arguments for or against.

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