Why i stopped HELPING people and Why i think you should too

Helping others is supposed to be fun, actually it is more than fun, it begets a whole experience and lesson to us.
I will not pride myself as a know it all or one who is experienced in all facets of life but there is something peculiar, I have got my own experience and I have got scars and stars to show for it all.
One part of life that has really taught me a lot, is in helping others or helping people, I always thought I was made to do that but now I know better, it is a WEAKNESS!, One others will readily exploit.
You are reading this article and trying to see where I may twist this into, I must commend that but all I want to spit out here is the reality of life and what we all face.
I have experienced and also listened to people talk, majority of those who “HELP” always get burnt, it never goes so well.
Most people just need you for the moment and they will never help you or show concern when you are at your lowest.
Even the Bible, stated that, Heaven helps those who help themselves, you have to look out for yourself first even before others.


Why should, Precious tell me to not help others, you may wonder. The reasons are not far-fetched, you are actually thinking about them now or they must have crossed your mind when you helped someone last and got seriously burnt.


Forget that bold faced lie others tell to pull you into an emotional drunken state so they can exploit your good heart.
No one really cares about you, it more about what is in it for them at that particular time, you see them come all submissive and docile when you got the upper hand, but the truth is, if tables were turn, they will leave you out in the cold.
You have to put this at the back of your heart that no one really cares about you, at least not as much as you think they should and helping them is never going to change them.

Why i stopped HELPING people : I think you should stop too, they do not worth it!

Why i stopped HELPING people : I think you should stop too, they do not worth it!


If you feel to morally upright to pull out the plug on helping others, then you may as well do it for a fee.
Do not render any service or support for anyone without looking out for what you will get in return, you do not want to be a sore loser.
Helping for free mostly will get you nothing but hurt in the end, so to prevent that you should at least put a price on your support, also be sure it is worth it and it is a real bargain!


This is as simple as it goes, if you feel just a little reluctance in helping another, then do not go through with it.
You do not want to start feeling like you lost out or you short changed yourself just to provide help to someone else?
The truth is, the chance that they may help you when you need them is so low, hence, you really want to be sure that you are cool with that fact.


The truth is, most people in your life now may not really deserve your help, but it is more painful to help those who do not even worth it.
They are presently in your life as parasites and when they exploit you to their fill or when things go bad for you, they jump ship.
In your worst moments, they never remember you, they forget all you did for them, because it was not really about you, it was about what they can get from you.
I have friends we don’t relate anymore, the funny thing was, I could actually lay down my life for them then, I practically gave all to them and all I get now is … DEAD SILENCE!
I am not bitter, I am only grateful I learnt this lesson early in life, and I am never going to make the mistake again.
Helping to me now is a business, and if there is nothing in it for me… AM OFF!

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