How to write the perfect Career Objective for your CV before job application

The career objective section on your CV or resume is a highlight of your personality and who you are.

This is where the recruiter gets to see if your goals and aspirations aligns with that of the organization.

This is the reason why, you cannot just put in any information and think it will work across boars for all recruiters.

How to write the perfect Career Objective for your CV before job application

This section is like a personal advertisement section and it should be appealing enough to the sight and understanding of different potential employers.

Your career objective must be dynamic and flexible to fit different jobs. It has to be specific ti each job type that you apply for.

The objective should be focused on the employer’s needs; and, not the job seeker’s desires.

After all it is the employer whom is seeking to solve a problem or fulfill some business needs through your skill sets.


  • Be specific on what kind of job or job environment that you are applying for.
  • Assess and ask yourself what makes you a perfect match and candidate for the job in question.
  • Make it straight to the point.
  • Avoid ambiguous and vague words and phrases that have no meaning.
How to write the perfect Career Objective for your CV before job application

How to write the perfect Career Objective for your CV before job application


Assuming you are creating a CV for a company that deals in computer sales, your career objective should take this form.

“A computer sales position in an organization seeking to exceed sales target and have great customer relations, possess relevant sales and marketing skills needed to add value to the organization”


You are to send your CV to a world class hotel as a P.R.O or assistant, this is your tailored career objective

“Seeking an entry level position in the hospitality industry where a background in advertising and public relations would be needed to enable my organization achieve its corporate objectives”


A career objective for candidate who studied Mathematics but with accounting knowledge and skills

“A mathematics graduate who is enthusiastic to find a position as a trainee accountant
: reliable, trustworthy, numerate and meticulous.

Worked for a firm of seasoned chartered accountants and gained great knowledge and understanding of what is required of an accountant.

Able to work as part of a team with a flair for administrative duties”

In your career objective, you have to be clear and exact about your choices of job and state it clearly.

It should not lack focus, direction, creativity, meaning and objectivity.

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