How to write a successful and professional cover letter for a job

A professional cover letter is better or also known as a letter of introduction. This is the letter that corroborates whatever claim you have in your CV or resume.
As a job seeker and a smart one at that, you should never send in your CV or resume without a well-pitched and formatted cover letter.
Some employers do not even consider some applications without a well-pitched and formatted cover letter.

How to write a successful and professional cover letter for a job

A CV is useless to the employer if he or she does not know what job you re applying for.
A cover letter can serve as an added extension for your career objective and it tells the employer the type of position that you are interested and how qualified you are for it.
Human resource managers do get hundreds of CV especially for well lucrative jobs they advertise.
Employers are so very busy, often the person screening the CV has to skim for less than 50seconds.
But your cover letter can draw attention to your skills, talents and experience that matches the criteria that the employer is looking.

Your cover letter explains things that your CV/Resume cannot.

If you had poor grades in school due to circumstances that can be explained and understood, but you feel you have the necessary skills being sought by the employer, the cover letter can afford you the chance for expression.
You may be changing the focus and direction of your career, a cover letter can be used to give a clear reason and insight.
We had mention earlier that your Cover letter is an extension to your career objective and it helps to expand upon it.
Some applicants do not want to be limited just by the objective and context of their CV, so it is important that you target the type of job desired as specifically as you can, you may even be open to more than one options.
A cover letter is a little window into your personality it gives them the chance to know a little more about you and what you stand for.
A great cover letter can suggest to the employer that he should meet with and even interview you.
You cover letter makes you that dynamic and broad person that the potential employer wants.

How to write a professional and successful cover letter for a job

How to write a professional and successful cover letter for a job

Types of Professional cover letter

Cover letter comes in different forms and types. There are basically three types of cover letter and each is corresponding to different ways of seeking for employment or job hunting.
To be successful, you used not use just one type of cover letter but a combination of all three.
There are two types of Job market

  • Open Market
  • Closed market



This is the first kind of cover letter and it is obviously written in response to a job advertisement.
This cover letter enables you to speak to the requirement and specifications of the advert. You write in response based on the perceived requirements of the employer.


This is a direct opposite of the invited cover letter.
A lot of job seekers will send out great number of CV accompanied by this type of cover letter even though they were not invited to apply or saw an advertisement to that effect.
This one in particular is very effective if you have a target group of companies and you send your CV and cover letter in bulk to the, you never know, one may just pick interest in you.
This uninvited cover letter helps you to approach job hunting instead of waiting for the traditional job adverts and vacancies.


This is a modified version of the uninvited cover letter type, only variation is that it boldly and prominently displays the name of a person you know or who referred you.
This is called the referral cover letter and it is the end product of networking properly.
Referral cover letters can come from variety of sources and its value is in the name dropped.
If you name a person that the employer knows, you have definitely gotten his or her attention in the first line of your letter, now that is a great recipe for success.
This will give you high advantage from the competitions.
They can come in this formats:
“Charles Davis of Elephant technology suggested you might be interested in the services of a system analysts”
“I met with Agnes Willis last week, she mentioned you might need someone with a background in news publishing.”
It is rare to see an employer that will turn down such referral especially from someone they know very well or hold in high regards.


Candidates Name


Phone number


Name of Organization
City, State
Dear Sir/Ma
State why you are working. Be clear and concise in respect to the job.
State what you have to offer. Convince the readers that they should grant you an interview or shortlist you for an aptitude test.
Remember that you are interpreting your resume, so support each statement with facts and pieces of evidence.
Conclude and ask for an interview of be shortlisted

Yours Faithfully,

Your Name

Your Signature

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