Your TV or your life: 5 Reasons Why you should throw out your television now!

Your TV or your life: Why you should throw out your television
Looking back to my formative years, there was always a constant – our big TELEVISION!
Then as a kid, it spelt no serious problem, but now I am an adult and my best object is a big nightmare to me.
I don’t actually want you to smash in your television screen with a club or trash it once and for all, what I aim to do here is to make you see what you are really missing out on when you spend all that hours in front of your television.

What really happens when you kick put your television

  1. You become more creative, productive and active

There are so much that hinders productivity and creativity, but the television is a great contender.
It steals valuable time and renders you null by getting you fully deep into home videos, seasonal episodes and re-runs.
The average home video has really little or nothing to offer in terms of cognitive improvement.
The longer you sit in front of the TV and waste away, you can as well as kiss some brain cells goodbye.
Why not engage in a hobby, take up guitar lessons, start a small scale backyard farm, read books, do some new, meditate or just sleep!
You can as well look into projects you had packed up or as an added value, take up community service.

  1. Improved Health

Ever heard of the term “couch potato”, here the only serious work you do is rolling your eyes, blinking your eyelids and pressing the remote buttons.
Sitting put in front of the television is adverse to your health as it puts you in line for obesity, stress and extreme eating disorder, this does not rule out the intermittent back and eye ache.
The TV prevents you from sleeping also and in turn renders you unproductive and stressed out even before the next day.

  1. Improved Relationship and Conversation

The TV does not just steal your time, it steals your heart and ties your tongue.
You can never serve two masters, so when your TV has your leash your relationship with your significant other, friends and family goes on the back burner.
Ditch your television now
Ever been in a gathering and all you can think about is the next episode of “walking dead” and whatever else is said seems alien and distant to you.
Just take a break and focus on building more physical relationships and having deep discussions, they may come in handy when your TV goes bad or you get bored.

  1. You save more money

The media is something else this days and with the enormous amount of advertisement they throw in your face, woe betide you if you are a compulsive buyer.
TV makes irrelevant things look important and glorified throw repeated exposure and you fall at the mercies of the advertiser.
Cable subscriptions Is another case to figure out, you could save more on subscribing on a cheaper bouquet or fixing a manual antenna for local stations alone than paying so much for over 200 stations when you can just watch one station at a time.

  1. You get freedom and more time

Ever thought of the TV as a prison? Well I have and packing it up gave me more time and freedom to express myself in other ways I can.
That 30 minutes episodes is another minutes gone for absolutely nothing when you could have more time for ideally anything else.
Cut down on your TV time and get extra minutes and hours for other stuffs and see if 24hours will never be enough for you.
I love watching television a lot, but o have chosen to be the master and I really hope you do the same.
Be in control and don’t let your TV put your on lock-down!

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